Newsflash #31

Good news! Yesterday, Mr. Bowie had his medical check-up concerning his ear (and eye) condition after his surgery from months ago. And again, the lab results were very good, no signs of those stubborn bacteria. Els, the brilliant and experienced doctor from ’t Derde Oor Veterinary Hospital, decided to stop the antibiotic medication. But Mr. Bowie was treated for tick prevention because we live in a place with the highest tick population in Europe. Personally, I’m not too happy about putting poison or a collar on a cat. Hopefully this medication is effective for controlling ticks. I really hate hate hate these creatures…

Once again, I want to thank you for all the support and concern. That is very kind of you. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


37 responses

  1. Excellent news! 😀
    I’m so happy for you both; it must be such a relief to know Mr Bowie is doing so well. 🙂

    Yes, I hate ticks too! Luckily we don’t get them as badly as you do; I never knew you had the highest infestation there!
    I use drops that I place along Little Monkey’s back and it then protects her whole body for a month. The trouble with cats is that they can lick this off!

  2. Fantastic Herman; Mr. Bowie all healed up and ready to go out and do spring. Ticks are indeed the most hateful of creatures, and putting poison on you friend, yea, it’s bad. But the lesser of 2 evils. Enjoy your spring! Show us pictures of him in your beautiful garden.

  3. Excellent news! Glad Mr. Bowie got the “all clear” from his wonderful vet…..if you are in an area where there are a lot of ticks, you sure don’t want him to get those nasty critters OR to transport them inside accidentally so YOU get one. Some of them are TEENY and hard to see. Anyway, I know tons of cats who do just fine with that treatment. I’m with you – I wouldn’t want to put a collar on Teddy but if we had a tick problem I’d use the treatment because of the dangers of ticks. Sending you and Mr. Bowie hugs of HEALTH!

    Love, Pam and Teddy too

  4. So thrilled for you Mr. Bowie- no more meds! Watch out for them tick devils, the preventative may not smell great but it will keep mew safe. We want you safe precious kitty boy!

  5. Great news. I can understand Mr. Bowie’s look in the photo. Flea & tick poison is not good. But you need to control them as best you can.

  6. Such good news! It’s been a bit of a road for Mr. Bowie. Flea and tick medicine is pretty yucky but better from the vet than the store. Here (North America) there are horrible stories of cats being fatally poisoned by the store products. Enjoy the warm weather and your good health, Mr. Bowie!

  7. So glad for the good news and that Mr. Bowie is doing so well.
    As much as we hate those meds we need to stop the tics. I’ve had them on me years ago when I lived in the mountains of western North Carolina. Makes me shiver just to think about it.
    We all send prayers and purrs.

  8. Mr Bowie trawl
    … it’s Eos here
    I’m happy for you that you’re fine and that this ugly thing seems part of you.
    About ticks, fortunately I do not have this concern because I live with my human apartment (although it is true that I would have liked to go out).
    I give you plen of kisses

  9. Best wishes for a successful tick treatment! I hate, hate, hate the dang things, too. Around here, they can transmit Lyme disease. Mosquitos are another problem, and can transmit a variety of nasty diseases to people as well as pets. No wonder my kitty boys “get” to be indoor kitties!

    That is excellent news about Mr. Bowie’s medical condition! That was quite a process for the both of you to get to that point. May he continue to have excellent health!

  10. So happy to hear this news. We live in a high tick area also and we do like those little critters either. We hope the preventative works well for you and you have no issues. We send hugs and nose kisses for the two of you, Pooh, Chancy and me

  11. dood…….nooze …..ever…… we iz buzzed happee for ewe…..N tell dad , if ewe can get thiz ther at yur place, ta chex out food grade Diatomaceous Earth….have him google it… ta reed up bout how it will keep de tickz frum ya….. ♥♥♥

  12. Very pleased to hear the antibiotics have stopped! Lots of live yogurt for the lovely boy will help build up all the good bugs in his tummy. Relieved to hear that you have ticks under control. We’ve just come out the other side of one of our dogs catching a horrid infection from one that led to poly arthritis. three months of treatment and he’s just about back to normal now!

  13. Plenty of good news. An alternative to a flea/tick preventative is to move to Colorado. 🙂 We have the semi-arid climate that works to our advantage regarding fleas. Tick prevention is to stay on trail or well manicured landscaping while outdoors. Dogs generally receive tick preventatives since they generally go camping with their people.

  14. Mijn hart is zo blij voor je Meneer Bowie! ❤ Hopefully, your outstanding and talented Vet will miss your handsome faces as he won't see you guys again for a long time 😀 Hasta la Vista ’t Derde Oor Veterinary Hospital ! (between Google and Arnold S, I can pretend to be multilingual, ha) Great, great news Herman! x Boomdee

  15. Good to hear Mr. Bowie has defeated the infection! The cats and crew wishes you all the best, Herman and Mr. Bowie!

    Old Willow cat has a stubborn urinary tract infection now she is battling. Wish her luck.

  16. Congratulations, Mr. Bowie!! Glad you finally beat off the bug for good. There are many better ways to spend time than at the vet (no matter how good he/she is).

  17. Mr. Bowie, we are so glad to read this good news. You had your human really worried. Of course you had all the rest of us worried, too. We like hearing that you are back to your normal self. Mom told us about ticks ‘cuz we had never heard of them before. We don’t really have any around our house, but sometimes if Mom goes up north, she finds them. She hates them, too! They are ugly little critters. Well, we’re going to see what Mom has planned for us today. Sending purrs, head bumps, catnip dreams and hugs from across the big pond.
    Hemingway, Steinbeck and Pam

  18. We are so happy for Mr Bowie and for you Herman ❤ We also hate ticks and we hope that Mr Bowie never gets them! Extra Pawkisses because of this wonderful news and for a wonderful day as well 🙂 ❤

  19. Lavender essential oil performed is said to do well in repelling ticks. Perhaps it can be used now since he already had a medical treatment . . .smells nice too!

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