Newsflash #29

I’ve had a stressful day at home and it left me feeling a bit emotionally confused. I wish I had good news, but I’m afraid I don’t. This morning, Els, the specialist in the hospital, performed the surgery procedure on Mr. Bowie’s ear with great caution and expertise. Mr. Bowie’s inner ear was completely checked but unfortunately, she found serious problems in the ‘bulla tympanica’, the middle-ear. It looks like this is the real problem of Mr. Bowie’s ear and not a polyp. We’re going to try out an extra dose of a new antibiotic this month but another very risky surgery seems to be unavoidable.

Once again, I want to thank you for all the support and concern. That is very kind of you. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” Wishing you all a wonderful weekend!

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

57 responses

  1. Mr. Bowie, and you, are always in our thoughts and prayers here. Mr. Nano and the cat crew are sending all the Power of the Paw they can muster to their Belgian brother. Mr. Bowie will weather this latest storm. At least the specialists now have the source of the problem.

    Take care of yourself too, Herman. Get plenty of good food and sleep. Mr. Bowie needs you.

  2. Poor you and Mr Bowie – fingers and toes are crossed these new antibiotics work and avoid any further surgery. Sending lots of warm snuggles and belly-rubs (for Mr Bowie)! x

  3. Oh, I am so sorry to read this! Poor Mr. Bowie and poor you. All this medical stuff is no fun. Sending wishes for speedy healing and definitive resolution!

  4. We are so sorry to hear this dear friend and cannot help but wonder whether the infection in the eye and ear are related and they have been treating the symptoms rather than the cause. It would be really good to get a second independent opinion before subjecting Mr Bowie to more invasive treatment. We are thinking of you at this time and send you and Mr Bowie all our love 💜🐈

  5. Herman, the kids and I are sending love and hugs to you and healing prayers for Mr. Bowie. You have both been through so much with the eye and ear, so I hope that your vet can finally put an end to the issues. I’ll keep you both in positive thoughts.

  6. I really hope the antibiotics helps Bowie. Make sure you take care of yourself as well, Herman. Thank you for keeping us posted. Cole and Clementine wishing Bowie some good treats and lots of head scratches.
    – Sarah, Harry, Cole and Clemmy

  7. We are all pulling for you Mr. Bowie! You’ll get through it. Extra chocolate, catnip and a nip of tequila — there’s word on the medical front that tequila is a probiotic that helps bodies absorb medicines better. Even if it doesn’t quite work that way, a catnip margarita will make Mr. Bowie feel better anyway you look at it. 😻🍹😎😜

  8. The important thing is your vet found the source of Mr. Bowie’s ear problem. Enjoy the now with some treats. Here’s to the new antibiotic, that it works.

  9. Oh Mister Bowie, you have been through way too much and so has your human. I hope that in the New Year everything is fixed at last. There is nothing harder than worrying over those we love. Giant pettins to you.

  10. Everyone wants those antibiotics to conquer the bacteria that are causing your problems. You and your human have had a rough road, it’s time for a break. ❤

  11. Very concerning and I can only imagine how you are feeling. I hope everything works out ok without causing Mr Bowie too much stress. It’s a worry when the diagnosis seems to keep changing. Praying for good news in your next update.

  12. Oh I’m so sorry to hear this. Ears can be tricky things. The main thing is to get rid of all the infection, because it doesn’t matter if Mr Bowie cannot hear out of one ear. (My one daughter has been deaf in one ear since the age of 5, after many ear problems and infections and operations.)
    I hope the end result after all this is a healthier, happier Mr Bowie and a more relieved owner. I understand you feeling fragile. Ice cream and hot chocolate will help. 🙂

  13. How very upsetting, Herman. I think these things are at least as hard on the human as the feline. So please take good care of you — I’ve no doubt whatsoever that Mr. Bowie gets the best of care.
    With Lavinia’s “Power of the Paw” and Tim’s catnip margarita, I’m sure all will be well. 😀 Huge hugs to Mr Bowie and you from Crystal and me. 🐱

  14. Oh Mr Bowie, that is not the way to start 2018. Your poor Dad is so concerned about you, as are all of us. Please know that you have lots of fur people and humans praying for you and hoping that you will once again be healthy and happy. We all love you so much. Please tell your dad to give you an extra hug from all of us.
    Hemingway, Steinbeck and Pam

  15. Oh, no! I’m sad for all your discomfort and pain little love. I studied on the web, the ‘bulla tympanica’. I’m so happy you have such a special dad that will do everything he can so he’s able to love you for many more years to come. Thanks for keeping us updated Herman, arms around you both. x B

  16. Herman I am so sorry to hear that Mr. Bowie is still not doing well. Will continue keeping him and you in thoughts and prayers. Give him some nose kisses for me. Hugs

  17. So saddened with the news, Herman, but hope for the best outcome. Dear Mr. Bowie looks very sad and confused. He needs a lot of extra love and treats these days. As always, sending thoughts of comfort and love.

  18. We are saddened to learn Mr. Bowie has to now endure another surgery and all these issues with his ear just when he finally got his eye resolved. Despite this setback we are reassured all will work itself out in the end as after all— HE IS MR. BOWIE! Bowie fought his eye battles with the cool, collected force of his rock star personality and namesake and he will do the same with any ear demon. Many comforting, healing purrs sent to Bowie and chocolatey goodness to you Dad.

    -Pearl and Mom

  19. Dear Mr.Bowie and Herman, I just couldn’t push the like button, I read your post days ago, but didn’t really know what to say, since everybody here had said it all. Yet have to say that you both are my thoughts since I read the news and do feel so much for you both, wishing for a positive outcome for Mr.Bowie’s health issues. This might sound like, the usual words, but it’s not that, my heart feels a deeper connection to both of you.

  20. My goodness. Poor Mr. Bowie. He doesn’t seem to get a break! Very glad to hear his eyes are doing well. Hopefully, the ear will follow suit. That will require a celebration with lots of treats for Mr. Bowie and espresso and chocolate for you!

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