Very Noisy

94.5 dB. Right now I’m working on a new song using a heavily compressed and saturated jazzy drum loop in combination with some rare and vintage samples from a popular sci-fi tv show from the 60’s. You can lose your hearing when working or spending time in a noisy place or listening to loud music a lot, even without realising it. So you better stay away from loud noise or music as much as you can.

Unfortunately, I have to use a vacuum cleaner regularly. It looks like my vacuum cleaner is a hard rock and heavy metal model…

Mr. Bowie, a very wise cat, made a strategic retreat and found a safe haven.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

42 responses

  1. You can’t even wear ear plugs when working on your song!
    Mr Bowie looks very comfortable in his safe haven. 🙂
    And I agree about vacuum cleaners. Ours is so loud I think it scares the dust away rather than removing it by suction! 😀

  2. Mr. Bowie has the right idea – just find a quiet spot and “carry on” but you can’t do that ALL the time….vacuum cleaners and music composition included!

    Hugs, Pam and Teddy too

  3. Our new vacuum cleaner is much quieter than the old one. Most of our cats either try to get away from the vacuum cleaner or are indifferent to it. Nod surprised us by attacking the wand. 🙂

    Have a wonderful weekend, you and Mr. Bowie! All the best from Mr. Nano and the crew. 🙂

    • Hi Lavinia! Believe it or not, there’s a new law by the European Government that says new vacuum cleaners are limited to 80 dB. So it looks like I have to buy a new one… 😉
      Mr. Bowie hates the vacuum cleaner, just like most cats probably… He just woke up and told me to say ‘Hi!’ to Mr. Nano and the crew from Salmon Brook Farms!

      Wishing you a marvellous weekend, my dear friend!

  4. I have a robot vacuum cleaner – a great invention! If the cats are asleep I can set up a virtual barrier so it doesn’t go into their room. Turn it on and go do something fun. Love it! Sweet dreams, Mr Bowie.

    • Hi Jill. That’s maybe a good idea if my vacuum cleaner should break down… That’s very sci-fi, having a ‘robot’ in your house! 😉

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend! Mr. Bowie sends his regards!

    • Hi Cornelia. That’s well spoken, treats in demand after the noise. Let’s hope it also counts for the human…

      Have a wonderful weekend, my friend!

    • I’m using an app on the iPhone as decibel meter. I’m using it constantly in my studio to check the volume levels of the music. If Mr. Bowie is leaving the studio I know there’s also something wrong… 😉

      Hope you’re having a wonderful weekend, my dear friend!

  5. I am like Mr Bowie. I prefer to hide from the vacuum cleaner. Unfortunately, I don’t have a Herman to help out so I can’t hide from the noisy cleaner forever. I bet Mr Bowie registers as almost silent on your monitor, unless he is purring.

    • My next model will definitely be a quieter one for sure…

      Just checking your blog. It seems I missed the latest post. Sorry about that. Glad to see you had a good time in Black Hills.

  6. I am lucky to have wooden floors, sweeping and mopping take the place of vacuuming and are very quiet. Now if my neighbors would only muffle their leaf blowers, chain saws and lawn mowers!

  7. Well now, leave it to you Herman to have a vacuum cleaner that looks like a space ship 😀 I very curious about this new project, I’m guessing the theme from ‘Lost In Space’ ? It was pretty jazzy…

    Imagine Robot swing his arms wildly:

    “Warning Mr Bowie! Warning! Dyson entering our perimeter! Warning, evasive maneuvers!”

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