K 3D Teaser

Get ready for a special report. Kraftwerk have brought their acclaimed 3D live show ‘The Catalogue’ to the Koningin Elisabethzaal, Antwerp. They’ll play the Queen Elisabeth Hall for eight times in a row.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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    • So sorry, but Mr. Bowie had to stay at home. I couldn’t find the right size ear plugs for our furry find… 😉

    • Ja, het overtrof zelfs onze hoge verwachtingen. Heb nog wat foto’s geselecteerd voor de volgende post, van de omgeving rond het super-mooie Centraal Station. De gerenoveerde Elisabethzaal is ook ongelooflijk mooi geworden en zeker geslaagd. De akoestiek binnen is niet te schatten…

    • Hi Lavinia! I’m working on the next post with some more info about Kraftwerk. I’ll try to get it on line by tomorrow.

      Hope you’re having a marvellous day! Mr. Bowie sends his regards!

  1. Good Day Herman and Mr. Bowie, I have not heard of this group but I hope you will give us more of your experiences with them. Any group that is still around after nearly 40 years must be awesome to experience in person.

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