Farewell, My Dear Sister

Goodnight, sweet princess. It is with great sadness that I have to announce the passing of my dear Sister. Hild passed away over the weekend after bravely battling a vicious disease. She was a much loved person and she will be deeply missed by my Father, her husband, her son, her grandchild, family members and close friends.

I will never forget our moments together, enjoying espressos before noon. Mr. Bowie loved her company too and never left her side. But now you are far away, far away and so close. I wish I could find comfort in the thought she’s in good company with our Mother and Brother. I miss you so much.

It’s so hard to believe in anything anymore. How can you take religion seriously? Life sucks big time. Cancer is a bitch.

Let us go now, my darling companion
Set out for the distant skies
See the sun, see it rising
See it rising, rising in your eyes

“Distant Sky” – Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds


Slaap nu maar zacht en zonder pijn, lieve Hild. Ik zal mijn dappere zus, espresso maatje, luisterend oor en soulmate hard missen. Je zal voor altijd in onze gedachten blijven.

Kanker is een smeerlap.



° 15-10-1953/† 03-03-2017

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  1. Please accept our condolences. Such a sad time for you. Your sister was very young. She will remain in your heart always, and you must believe you will be together again. It is the only way to cope and survive. You are in my prayers, Janet and Kitties Blue

  2. So very sorry for you Herman, you father and Mr Bowie and most of all her husband, son and extended family and friends. She will at least have found peace and lost pain.

  3. Woorden schieten me te kort, slaap zacht lieve Hild, ik ben blij dat ik je heb mogen kennen en zal je gedenken als een toffe, lieve vrouw, met een groot hart, we zullen je missen op het puddingfeest ❤ ❤ ❤ .

  4. I’m so, so sorry for your loss. My thoughts are with you and your family. Hubby is having chemo for brain tumours – you’re right, sometimes life sucks and it’s hard to keep the faith in anything. Big, big hugs.

  5. Je partage votre peine, Hermann.
    Maintenant, Hild repose enfin auprès de votre Maman et de votre frère et vous, vous devez vivre tourné vers votre Papa, votre famille et amis et Mr. Bowie. Il vous reste les bons moments passés ensemble pour vous consoler : c’est votre richesse, personne ni rien ne pourra jamais vous l’enlever. De tout coeur avec vous ! Anne

  6. It is the hardest thing to lose someone close to you when they are taken before their time. I am so sorry for your loss and send my heartfelt condolences to you and your sister’s family.

  7. Herman please accept my most sincere condolences on your sister’s passing. Your sister was beautiful and I truly know how unfair these things feel and ARE. Cancer is horrible – I have been one of the lucky ones but so many just aren’t. I know the whole family feels lost without her. She will be with ALL of you always. Trust in that……now she is beyond pain and that gives a measure of peace to those who are left behind. I wish I could give you a “real” hug…..but I’m sending you a virtual one from my heart to yours.


  8. That is such sad news, Herman. I’m very sorry to hear that your sister has passed away. Some cancers end up being untreatable, and it just doesn’t seem fair at all. It’s all too much you know. Please give my condolences to your family and your sister’s family. I hope you can find some peace in the midst of this devastating loss.

  9. Oh, Herman, words are not enough to say how very sorry I am. I wish you and your family some peace during this very difficult time. Be extra kind to yourselves as you take the time to mourn. Sending love your way. xx Letizia

  10. Herman and Mr. Bowie, I am deeply saddened by the loss of your dear sister Hild. Wishing you and your family peace in the days to come. Hild is in good company, and more flowers will join the cherry tree garden in her memory. Take comfort in all the good memories you have of her. She is not far from you now, just out of sight. Sending love and sympathy from all of us here.

  11. I’m saddened to read this. You bring joy to all of us who read here, and I wish you could be spared heartache. She should have been with you so much longer. Take care of yourself and Mr. Bowie (who looks so serene in that picture).

  12. Sorry for your loss, Herman and Mr. Bowie. Such a hard time and experience for you and the rest of your family, although I believe your sister is in the much better place . This is not easy to feel apart with those, who are our close persons and family…

  13. For this type of post, I can not simply click ‘like’ because, while you wrote a lovely tribute to a worthy woman, she is no longer with you and that simply sucks.
    One of my dear friends is fascinated by astrology (it’s an endearing quirk) and one thing she once mentioned was that “religion and politics are in house, while spirituality is in another house”… I don’t know if I will ever fully understand this concept, but for some reason I find comfort in this, particularly the notion that those beloved ones, who have crossed over before me, are not lost for all eternity.
    Purrs and prayers are with you.

  14. My heart goes out to you and your family, Herman. May you find some peace in happy memories of your sister and the love you shared. I will be thinking of you, sending you strength. With love and sympathy, your friend Aimee

  15. Couldn’t agree more, cancer is a bitch – sending much love and prayers to you and all your family at the sad passing of your beautiful sister. ❤️xx

  16. Wish I could say something poetic and nice. But I know how it feels– and it isn’t poetic or nice– right now. It just isn’t. But at some point–I hope the good memories will make you smile and even laugh and even celebrate the gifts of this moment. I am truly sorry for your loss.

  17. Herman, may you be given strength, to go through this hard time loosing a loved one. Eventually all the good memories and good times you have had with your beloved sister will fill the gap in your heart. Sending you chocolate covered healing thoughts.

  18. Herman I am so sorry for the loss of your sister. Cancer IS a bastard. May your sister’s memories bring you the comfort and strength you all need in the days to come.

  19. I am so sorry for the loss of your dear sister, Herman. Now they will both be waiting to greet you someday, but that’s scarce comfort now. Sit with Bowie and have an espresso for Hild. She will know.

  20. We are so sorry for your loss, and to your family. While it goes without saying you will miss your sister greatly, there are many great memories, good ones, that will always bring a smile whenever you think of her.

    Our best wishes,

  21. Oh no Herman, I’m very sorry to hear your sad news. You’ve written a dear remembrance, it was really touching to read. I think this terrible decease leaves no family untouched. Arms around you and your family. ❤

  22. Hello Herman and Bowie, we were thinking of you today and wondering how you are…if services were held for Hild or a celebration of her life with your family? After my brother died, I found that people drifted off while those of us closest were left to ponder the rest of our lives without him. More hugs to you, your family and dear cat.

    • Hi Christine. Thank you so much for your concern. I’ll explain some things in the next post, a post to celebrate my Dad’s birthday. He turned 92 last weekend.

  23. Please accept my condolences on the death of your sister. Hugs and my thoughts are with you. I lost my brother in December 2016 to cancer, and it still seems unreal. He’d come visit each summer for five weeks, and we had the best of times. I suppose I will miss him most in summer, perhaps then, too, I’ll be able to mourn him at last. You will have your own times to mourn you sister, and I have no doubt you will miss her terribly.

  24. We are all so sorry to hear about your loss. Yes, cancer is heartless and it attacks so many people. We pray that the wonderful memories will soon take over the sadness and despair. We are sending lots of purrs and hugs to both you and Mr. Bowie.
    Hemingway, Steinbeck and Pam

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  26. Herman, I’ve been remiss in coming to visit and I’m so sad to discover that you’ve lost your beloved sister. Let the wonderful memories of her gladden your heart rather than make it sad. I’m sure she would want it that way. Hugs and love to you from me and the kids.

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  28. I’m so sorry to hear of the loss of your sister. My condolences to you, your family, and her friends. My thoughts are with you during this very difficult time. xo

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