Dangerous cold, snow, sleet and rain today. No Mr. Bowie, we can’t go outside. It’s even for a furry four-footer way too dangerous. How can I mentally survive winter? Do people really love winter that much? Can humans survive hibernation in good condition? Hmmm. I guess I’ll stick with espresso.


Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. I can almost understand you Lovely Mr. Bowie, you can do the best, “sleep” 🙂 It is same here today, snow, snow, snow… and there is silence of snow… Thank you, have a nice weekend, Love, nia

  2. I love winter. And I love summer and all the seasons. I love the change and change in perspective. But for you, even now, the world is turning toward spring. Have some chocolate. 🙂

  3. I’m with you. Hibernation sounds good. If not that, espresso will do. Poor Mr. Bowie looks so sad, or perhaps just vexed.

  4. Poor Mr. Bowie singing the hibernation blues:

    “I wanna go out outside
    I want to play in some snow
    You say there’s too much
    Just give me a backhoe…”

    He’s looking like he really needs to go outside and play in the snow.

  5. Cold and a little snow on the ground so we are enjoying our day inside where it is warm. Pooh and Chancy are enjoying long winter naps. Pooh never goes outside and Chancy zooms back inside after taking care of business when it is cold. Stay warm and enjoy your day. Hugs and nose kisses

    • Mr. Bowie loves to go outside in the ‘dry’ snow. But not today due to the extremely difficult weather conditions. So he chose to go in hibernation…
      Have a nice weekend, my friends!

  6. I’m with you……..espresso and chocolate get me through the winter days – we have snow but just a bit…..just the kind of snow Sam used to enjoy playing in. Gray, cold days – perfect for some of the finer things in life like chocolate!!


  7. We had light snow starting yesterday that continued until about two hours ago. Today it’s in the single digits Fahrenheit and a nasty windchill. My brother sent some really good coffee for Christmas and I just made myself a big cup of mocha. I had no mocha powder so I used some squares of nice dark Belgian chocolate. Made me think of you so I had to come see what you and Mr. Bowie were up to. Simba, Cloud and Mi Sun say to tell Mr. Bowie “Stay warm”.

    • Hi Angela! A big cup of mocha… nice dark Belgian chocolate? Now we’re talking! Who cares about winter and snow?
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” and sends his regards to Simba, Cloud and Mi Sun!

  8. Oh, you have it now. Snow makes everything difficult, especially with -30°C cold. But every day the spring is nearer, the reason to live. Just sit side by side with Mr.Bowie by the window and enjoy your treats and coffee.

  9. While you are feeling the cold, we are out on the patio in 28 degC heat! Nice day, the cats have just been brushed and we are enjoying the breeze – and ice cream!

  10. Mr. Bowie, once you’d set your little feet out there in that, you’d soon decide to come back inside. Nobody wants frostbitten ears or feet, whether they’re feline….or human. Espresso, Herman. And I guess we can assume you have plenty of chocolate. Keep cozy.

    • We will follow your wise advice, my dear friend! Espresso, chocolate and cat treats… I’m already forgetting it’s cold outside.
      Hope you’re having a marvellous Sunday!

  11. Aw, such a wistful look Mr Bowie. Never mind, the sun is on the way back to you. In the meantime I’ll send you some of our sunbeams, because we are way too hot down here in CT! 🙂

  12. A beautiful portrait of Mr. Bowie! We had another ice storm here too. Cold outside and good day to stay in! Wishing you both a warm day inside with lots of espresso, dark chocolate and cat treats.

    • Thank you, Lavinia. Mr. Bowie stayed inside the last three days. This morning, he took a short walk but decided very quickly the sofa was a much better place… Thank goodness the snow is gone for now!
      Hope you had a wonderful weekend!

  13. Here we had experienced -34 in the night near Cracow, and in Warsaw it was only about -20 in the night and -12 during a day, although is getting better and warmer right now! I must say snow is very beautiful, dry and I even like winter and winter sports. My fur four- footer doggie is a massive lover of freeze. I’m about to bake some cookies and for tomorrow I will make a dumplings with an apricots. And I will brew coffee in the moment -huge mug with a whole milk added and I add also a small piece of vanilla 🙂
    Mr. Bowie, you should receive some treats for your hibernation time 🙂 Cheers on you!

    • Except from the horror part about the low temperatures, your comment sounds very delicious to me! I think I need another espresso and Mr. Bowie an extra treat!
      Please stay warm and enjoy your cookies.

  14. Winter Schminter…….survive? Barely. I’m like a Canoe without a paddle in the winter. I don’t go anywhere much. The one thing that helps is the bird feeder and heated bird bath. No matter the weather, I’ll go fill them, so the kitties and I can watch through the window while they enjoy the day. I love listening to their songs too. They’re always cheerful it seems, although I don’t know bird talk. Maybe they’re calling for spring like the rest of us xo boomed

    • That’s so lovely, Boomdee, you taking care of the poor birds out there! Love the heated bird bath, that’s a wonderful and great idea!
      Let’s all be patient and wait for spring…

    • Oh yes! Thank goodness we had 2 warm sunny days this weekend. Mr. Bowie spent hours outside in the garden. Guess he was already working on his tan… 😉

  15. Hello again Herman and Mr. Bowie — been away most of 2016 and finally found you again today. Happy you are still here, enjoying espresso, chocolate and books on snowy, icy nasty winter days. Warm furry wishes to you both, Alia

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