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  1. Mr. Bowie- is your country taking applications for immigration?! For a cat lady and her two kitties? MWAH!!!!

      • *Clove & Kaspars rush to gather their toys, heated beds, treats, Fancy Feast, and nip stash in to their Hello Kitty suitcases. They then grab their pawports and prepare to jump in the evil, dreaded carrier to get to the airport. (You know they’re serious and frightened when they’re willing to get in their carriers!)*

  2. I don’t like Trump. But he has torn apart the elite hold on US politics, and I’m very happy about that. The politicos, Silicon Valley sultans, the Hollywood dribble are all crapping their pants. It’s fun to read their panic. The only good thing about Trump is he owes nothing to any of those Cretans. Now I hope all of those people who are threatening to leave the county really do. I left the county when Bill Clinton was President, and I don’t have a fraction of the wealth of the elite. So they should all make good on their promises and leave. The US will be a better place without them.

    • Thank you for your honest comment and thoughts. I respect this and I can truly understand your statement.
      Okay, to me voting for Trump or Clinton would be like choosing between pest and cholera, kinda. But Trump the new president…after all what he said and did?!? Give me a break, please…

    • Trump – don’t like him, did not vote for him. As a “change” agent to take apart/reset the political order, I do not buy it either. In many ways, he is a charlatan selling his own brand. Much of his past actions would have been automatic disqualifiers for any elected officeholder or candidate within the Republican party. Unfortunately, those who voted for him were more hungry for a “win” rather than concerned about his lack of character and serious doubts in how he conducts business. He also has a history of quitting when the task in front of him becomes too difficult. So, we’ll just have to wait and see on how things will pan out. This should not be interpreted as cutting him slack. No elected official, at any level, should be cut slack.

      Regarding HRC, she simply couldn’t tell the truth. Her use of an unsecured, personal server to conduct official business shows a serious lack of judgment. If she was more forthright and forthcoming, and acknowledged her errors, HRC would be president-elect and not Trump.

      • Trump ripped the establishment and elite order apart as part of the election process. The establishment, elite and media figured they would destroy him, and he turned them upside down and exposed them for what they are. Even if HRC had been elected, the damage was done. But since Trump is President elect, the media, the pollsters, the lobbyist, the Silicon Valley sultans, Hollywood crowd, the entertainers who should stick to singling and playing instead of politics, etc. have been made to look like fools. I don’t like Trump, I didn’t vote for him, but I appreciate what he’s done to the people who are exposed and now look like fools.

      • Moore makes some good points. One myth is that Republicans fought Obama on everything for 8 years, when in fact for whatever resistance they put up, they ended up gaving him everything he wanted. That was the start of the backlash that Trump was able to take hold of. An electorate completely out of touch with their constituents in both parties.

        • Thanks for sharing your point of view on this matter, Tim. It’s very interesting and significant to get information from people who are directly involved.

  3. Thank you Herman for your empathy, living in this country for over 25 years, although I am German, I am so disappointed and embarressed about the outcome of this election. I am hoping that this will shake up the people to find a better value rather than power and money.

    • This result is hard to believe or understand for us Europeans. But you are right, let’s hope this is a wake up call…

  4. Well, they voted Ronald Reagan in once so I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised. I hope the world survives the next four years. Not a good day at all.

    • Herinner je nog wat er een jaar terug allemaal gezegd is en hoe er gelachen werd met Trump? De rest van de wereld heeft een totaal vertekend beeld van de Amerikanen. Ik heb er de laatste jaren via de blog(s) verschillende beter leren kennen. Wij horen hier enkel de intellectuele (linkse) kunstenaars en artiesten die aan de Oost- en West-kust van Amerika wonen. Maar van de grote ontevreden massa in het diepe binnenland horen wij niets…

    • Wat heb ik vorige week nog gezegd? Lees hierboven de commentaar bij Joke nog eens na…
      Maar toch, ik werd wakker, zette de radio op en was onmiddellijk in shock en heb al 2 Perdolans naar binnen geslikt. Dit is echt erg, amper te geloven…

  5. Thank you. This does change everything. My fine felines don’t know yet but I do. I’m trying to avoid hearing the speeches, relax and get some sleep, but I don’t think I’ll sleep tonight.

    • Wishing you all the best for the next four years, Bernadette. I stayed up late, woke up early in shock and turned off the tv when I saw Trump appearing on the screen. What a sad day for the world…

  6. Whoever wins, we all lose 😦
    A most farcical race between dumb and dumber… that basically sums up American politics!
    Why Garfield was not on the ballot, I’ll never understand! πŸ˜€

  7. All I can say this morning is that things are going to be interesting around here………it’s going to be a bumpy ride. I’m having espresso and dark chocolate to start out this “morning after”…….or maybe I should switch to vodka? πŸ™‚


    • Go easy on the vodka, Pam, especially so early in the morning! Better start the day with a good espresso and chocolate and see what happens… πŸ™‚
      Hope you can enjoy that bumpy ride the next four years.

    • I agree Robert. Most Europeans (and Belgian citizens) can hardly believe what happened last night. We are all somewhat perplexed with the result…

  8. sooo…. sad …of course sharing with you – assholes are upcoming(!)…feel free in mind and fill out canadian immigration assessment form from canadavisa.com … πŸ˜‰
    pardon…server is actually down…soooo many people like to depart the states ;-(

  9. As I wrote on Facebook in response to my German friend Nicole’s comment about her dismay that this election resulted in that man being elected President: “What a wonderful end to a day that started with me getting a colonoscopy and a upper gastrointestinal endoscopy. Does someone want to kill my cats in front of me so I can end it on a high note? [sarcasm]”

    All I can say is I voted for Clinton. With an all Republican Congress and a Republican president for the next two years at least, they buy all the mistakes and bad laws until at least the Senate or House gain a Democrat majority. The mid-term elections in two years are the first shot at this, and the frenzy of undoing the Obama legacy will quickly show Americans what they did putting the Republicans in charge.

    • I’ve got the feeling the future doesn’t look bright but let’s hope I’m wrong.
      Thank you for comment, my friend.

  10. I feel very strange with it! I have been watching CNN late in the night and it was lookind sad from the start… While he did win Florida, it was clear, because already in Texas he had huge number of voters, so it was unluckily over 😦
    And I am waking up and here is awful wet snow all around… Thank you for this post, it,s real support πŸ™‚

    • Glad this post was a little support for you.
      Awful wet snow…!?! That makes this horror story complete… πŸ˜‰

  11. It might not be as bad as you envision; at least he’s not another politician!! With a friendly Congress, we might just be able to get something done now. Keep your chin up, don’t be a defeatist.

    • I hope you are right. But his harsh way of speaking and all his insults at presidential candidates, journalists, women, Latinos, Mexicans, parents of a fallen soldier, etc… That’s not a President worthy of its name.

  12. This is beyond belief. I feel as if this chunk of the world has gone completely mad. I feel sickened and horrified. There is no need to look back as far as Reagan. Can people not see what happened when they voted for G.W. Bush? and the Supreme Court that ushered him in, falsely? I thought things could not get worse than that. I was wrong. I had hoped that President Obama could help us heal from that nightmare. I was wrong. I had hoped that Secretary Clinton could at least steer a steady course through these violent seas. I was wrong. Now I cannot imagine what’s in store for us.

    The only hope I see is in tiny victories in the town I live nearby. A wonderful mayor soundly thrashing a local property magnate, warm and compassionate city council members beating out religious fanatics — dear Europe, please know that there are pockets of this frightful country into which people like me will be huddling into, praying hope against hope that we will survive the next four years somehow.

    • I feel for you, my friend, and for all the disappointed American people. I can’t believe how a man who’s insulting so many people can be elected. What is wrong in the US of A? It is time for good sense and negotiation to prevail in America.

  13. i am taking comfort from a story my grandfather told me when I was about 11. He said the atomic bomb project was kept totally secret from Harry Truman when he was Vice President. Roosevelt died and when he became president the first thing that happened was some men came in to the Oval Office and said to him “Mr Truman, there are a few things you need to know.” That’s when he found out it was left to him to make the decision to drop or not drop the bomb. My grandfather never swore in front of us but he quoted Mr. Truman’s responce uncensored and then told me to remember that no matter who gets elected the same thing will happen to them. The US president is far more constrained than most Americans believe and I’m sure Mr Putin is having a good day eve if I am not.

    • Thank you for this insightful comment, Angela. Much appreciated!
      We all woke up in a new, dark and fearful world.

  14. Thank you, Herman. We tried our hearts out over here, we really did. Sadly the US is full of small-minded, hateful people who have no grasp of the world beyond their TV screens and think it is all a reality show. As a country we have always had too large of a “Know-Nothing” contingent and here is the proof.

    • If overhere a politician would use the harsh language of Trump and start lying, insulting journalists, women, immigrants, a handicapped person, etc… his political career would be over the same day.
      So hard to believe what happened last night…

      • That used to be true here, too. Like ten years ago. People would peddle bigotry, but it was always disguised in oblique language, it was referred to as the “dog whistle.” Now it’s a factory whistle. America has lost its decency.

  15. My grandmother, the wisest woman I ever knew, used to say: Hold on to your hat, girlie, there’s going to be a storm. Sometimes she was even talking about the weather. Thanks for your feelings Herman, as we now all wait to see what this means. Right now personally it means being in a state of shock. 😦

  16. We are now living in “interesting times” over here, as the old Chinese curse says. Live long enough, and one may see just about anything happen…last night was proof. πŸ™‚

    Wishing you and Mr. Bowie a wonderful day filled with dark chocolate espresso and cat treats. And maybe some vanilla ice cream too! Always keep looking on the bright side of life!

    • Hi Lavinia! There’s always a light at the end of the tunnel and we never must give up hope. But you are so right, “interesting times” are coming our way…

  17. Thank you, Herman and Mr. Bowie. Last evening when I saw who was in the lead I almost had a panic attack. This morning I am disappointed but realizing in the grand scheme of things this too will pass. We just have to wait and see.
    No matter what he has said he will do, even with the Republican majority in Congress he will be shocked to find that his hands are tied with all the checks and balances in place. Yes, my college degree is in Political Science and International Relations.
    I have a favorite phrase in French (which I will not attempt to spell) that roughly translated says “the more things change the more they stay the same”.
    In the US we need to stop hating people because of their religion, race, economic status or simply because they are different. And the police need to stop killing black people simply because they can.
    And, I am not leaving the country at this time. I need to stay here and help to make it a better place….something I’ve been trying to do all my life through compassion and kindness.

    • Hi Misha! Thank you so much for the heartwarming, wise and insightful comment. I wish more people were so broad-minded like you. The world would be a better place.
      Have a nice day, my friend.

    • Believe me, Sarah, all my friends and a great majority in Europe is in shock but I can imagine it must be much harder for you and a lot of disappointed Americans. It’s hard to believe what happend last night…

  18. Like it or not, the majority of the people have voted for someone you don’t support. Those of us who loathe Obama managed to put up with him for eight long years. The majority finds Clinton to be criminal and untrustworthy. It has nothing to do with her being a woman. If a woman ran who was a Constitutional Conservative (not a GOP), I would have voted for her. I don’t think sex has anything to do with ability.

    My many friends in the UK and Europe, Asia, and the Pacific Rim are shocked, and in many cases delighted with the outcome. Some are shocked and frightened because the media in most countries only report what the main stream media in America reports. So they have no idea what Mr. Trump will do. They like being bossed around and subdued by the government, they don’t know anything about freedom and what most, I repeat, MOST, American’s stand for.

    All my Britex friends are celebrating, by the way. The ones who are the elite pro status quo are freaking out a bit. Personally, I am a happy camper. At least we will have change. What bugs me is the way so called loving and inclusive liberals are throwing around hate and anger because they didn’t win. Like it is some sort of personal insult to them because not everyone agrees with their rhetoric. Had Clinton won, shudder, conservatives would have taken it in, prepared for four more long years of the depletion of American strength and accomplishments. But you wouldn’t see them rioting in the streets.

    • Okay, one remark: the majority of the people!?! Don’t think so. 129,1 Million Americans voted, last results say 59.163.675 voted for Clinton and 59.027.971 for Trump, that’s a difference of 135.704 votes in the advantage of Clinton. In most European countries Clinton would be president. But yes I know, the electoral college is a disaster for a democracy, according to a tweet from Trump 4 years ago.

      As I mention above in this post, I can’t sympathise for a man who’s insulting presidential candidates, journalists, women, Latinos, Mexicans, parents of a fallen soldier, etc… That’s not a President worthy of its name.

      But hey, it’s a free world and I respect everyones thoughts, religion and opinions.

      • Oh I can’t let this comment stand unchallenged, adding to your objection dear Herman. As a US citizen who is in shock, horror, and disbelief at what has happened here, the one, single, sole, solitary consolation I have been able to find is that if Secretary Clinton had been declared the winner as she should have been by the popular vote, the hate and violence that her opponent fomented **very likely** would have resulted in riots. Did this reader not hear of the attacks on protesters that were constantly reported and photographed as happening at Trump rallies? How this reader can say the “conservatives” wouldn’t have rioted is beyond me. In any case, this wasn’t about “conservatives” and, on the other hand, this reader’s intolerant and snide and inaccurate sarcasm of “loving and inclusive liberals.” This was about violence and fear and hate incited by this appalling man and boiling up in his followers pickled in their own rancor. The “conservatives” — the Republican brass — stood around chewing their knuckles permitting this outrage to go on and on, and disapproved of it **only** because they feared it would cost them power. Now they have won, now they say they’re happy. For shame!

        • Thank you so much for covering my back, my dear Anita! It’s so difficult for me to express and explain my thoughts in English and using Google Translate is not an option for this serious matter.
          I’m checking out the local newspapers right now and the general thinking is disbelief, incomprehensibility and bewilderedness. Someone called it ’11/9: a victory of simplistic thinking.’

          Hang in there, my friend!

          • My dear Herman, I take great comfort in your presence. I’m so glad you saw what I did as covering your back. ANY TIME, friend!! (I want you to know that I am staying OUT of all this, as it is too upsetting to bear — except to respond to this one comment. I feel that the beauty and peace and fun that you create in your blog is a haven and a refuge from the ugliness of this world. So I must object when I feel it has been besmirched by this commenter.) (And PS: I find it remarkable how you are able to express your unique voice in English. I wish I could do the same in Flemish (not in this lifetime) and in French (conceivably in this lifetime but, as a practical matter, not possible from high-school language classes . . . .).) With love to you and to all whom you hold dear, and know that you are loved in return!

            • Thank you for another heartwarming comment, my friend. Much appreciated! I’m looking forward to read your Flemish comments… πŸ˜‰
              And as I mention a few minutes ago, I can’t predict the future but I think a lot of republican voters are going to be very disappointed the next 4 years when they see all the promises blew up in their faces…

        • Yawn, same old same old…. I can say we wouldn’t riot, because it has never happened, even when obummer got in for a second term. Geesh, I don’t know any loving and inclusive liberals when it comes to politics. Only the liberals go out and destroy property of others because they are in a snit fit. The attacks on the so called protesters was a set up, proven by more than one source. Get your facts before dumping knee jerk emotions all over the place. This IS about violence, fear, intimidation and hatred, all from the left. I still haven’t seen any riots or protests from conservatives. Something you need to know…. most conservatives are NOT Republicans. In fact, we scorn the RINO connection. ANd if only conservatives voted for Mr. Trump, we wouldn’t have won, so I expect more than a few democrats and independent folks voted for Trump too. Suck it up cupcake, he won, creepy Clinton lost. Get over it. Move on. Get a life. Just like all of us had to when we were defamed by the liberal left for the past eight years.

  19. It is the supermoon we’ll have next Monday (Nov 14) is when the apocalypse is supposed to happen. So, we have a few days to get ready for the end of the world. (lol)

    I wouldn’t fret over our election results too much. It’s a little of wait and see for now, but the hope not much would impact the everyday stuff when he takes office in January. I’m not much of an Obama fan because of his high-handed approach to governing. The choice between Trump and HRC was like deciding which deadly disease you’d prefer to have. I chose to write-in my choice for president instead.

    • Oh no, David… the apocalypse is really just around the corner!?! Thanks for warning me… πŸ˜‰

      Okay, let’s just wait and see what happens. And if it doesn’t work out or it turns into a disaster, our cats can commit a coup d’etat!

  20. The exact same song keep going through my mind, except I usually end it with I want to vomit. I am so concerned about my Muslim friends, African American friends, and everyone who wasn’t empowered in the 1950’s. I cannot believe what we have done. I just pray that it won’t be as bad as he made it sound during the election. He is pretty superficial.

    • I fully agree with your comment. I truly hope that it won’t be as bad as it looks…
      I just don’t understand that this weird guy gets away with all the insults and harsh language.

      • We don’t know yet. We have to be positive. It was unexpected, yes, but they both were equal and difficult to chose from. Many people I know voted for the third party candidates. Anyway, the president has very little to do with how people treat others, with their hatred, bigotry and division, or with their common sense and solidarity. People being positive and doing the right thing will make a difference, not the president.

        • As mentioned above, I can’t sympathise for a man who’s insulting presidential candidates, journalists, women, Latinos, Mexicans, parents of a fallen soldier, etc… There are limits and it’s not easy to stay positive… but let’s give it a try.

          • I am not sympathizing for him. Presidents come and go, and as we all know, they very seldom do what they promise during their election campaign. People are divided, and they have to stop bigotry and reach to each other, and be positive, because it is them who are going to make a difference, not the president. Riots are not the answer. People are sick of the riots and killings. I cannot respect those who are stirring people against each other. That has to stop, and as I am saying, it has nothing to do with the results of these elections. Negativism is destructive, only positivism has a chance.

  21. Gah……I’m shell shocked as well Herman. The number of women who voted for him stuns me. I don’t agree with inesephoto when she states they’re both equal. Hillary is experience, super smart and driven to bring people together for the good of society. She has given her life to social endeavours, where-as the baffoon is not and can never hope to be anywhere remotely her equal nor qualified for this job. News alert, he’s a cheat, he’s vulgar, he can put a whole co-herant nor intellegent sentence together and he’s a racist. Equal my ass…………pardon moi. Some people must be blind and deaf I think.

    • I just don’t understand how such an idiot after insulting so many people still can get elected, (and get votes from the people he insulted too…). What a weird world…
      A local newspaper wrote: ’11/9: a victory of simplistic thinking.’

  22. Mr Bowie, it isn’t the end of the world, we’re still here πŸ˜‰ We have to put our paws together to make the best of everything. Pawkisses for a Happy Day to the both of you πŸ™‚ ❀

  23. Whoa. I had to stop reading some of the commentary. Thank you, Mr. Bowie and Herman, for taking a stand on the world stage! The darkness of the election deepens with each passing day as a closed group of advisers circle the wagons and potentially fascist people find their way through the White House doors. I regret that we, as a nation, seem to shun a long view of history. Let’s just say, we should have been warned. Love Mr Bowie to bits and am thankful for the camaraderie of cool cats around the globe…

    • I was surprised myself by the commentary. I think it’s time that cats should rule the world! NOW! πŸ˜‰
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

    • Thank goodness we live in Europe but thanks for the invitation, Christy!
      I read in a newspaper the Canadian immigration website crashed the day after the election results…

    • Hi Heila, welcome back!
      I’m still hoping for a miracle, kinda, but I’m afraid the future doesn’t look bright…

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