KH 310 A

What’s in the box? Sometimes a cat’s mood can get “stuck” on sad. When this happens, it affects our lives. Mr. Bowie wasn’t pleased when I decided to return two boxes back to the store. But the next day, his mood changed so quickly when he saw the new and bigger boxes. Immediately, Mr. Bowie had the situation well in paws.


The story behind the story. Eleven months ago I got myself two Neumann KH 120 A near-field studio monitors. Due to my tinnitus ear problem, I have to work in a lower volume level. I was missing some depth and punch in the sound of the KH 120 A’s. Totally by coincidence, the guys from the local music store made me an offer I couldn’t refuse. I could exchange the monitors for a more powerful model, the Neumann KH 310 A active studio monitor. The KH 310 three-way active tri-amplified monitor is just perfect for tracking, mixing, and mastering my music at low volume levels. At the end of the day, I was happy, Mr. Bowie was happy. Isn’t life grand?


Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Glad Mr. Bowie got past his disappointment. Congratulatios on your great deal and new toys. I have a periodic problem with my sinuses backing up and get tinnitus when it happens. Listening to music is hard enough when then, I can’t imagine trying to work on a piece.

    • Thank you, Angela! Concerning my ear problem: I have good days and bad days. I always have to keep the volume levels rather low. And I try to avoid places with loud music…

  2. Wow…studio monitors (late Klein&Hummel, Sennheiser Group) 4 some 1000 bucks…great(!)
    …and a Sennheiser headphone 4 the glorious Mr. Bowie ???
    excellent deal! …have a good day 😉

    • Hey… a specialist! You know about Klein & Hummel! I was very lucky to get the monitors cheap, well, kinda… 😉
      And as you mentioned, next project is a headphone for my recording technician a.k.a. Mr. Bowie: a Sennheiser headphone! 😉

  3. Sounds like both you and Mr. Bowie scored in this deal! Oh – and nobody else mentioned it so you KNOW I have to……is that Roadrunner I see in the last photo?? Meep Meep……..!


  4. Have a great day too, I love music, I wish to have one day something like you have (i am not too techno but would like something that make my music sound better) Practicing my english here, be indulgent with me) say Hello to Mr Bowie…for me and my 3 cats, Léa, Persil-Perl
    à and Toute P’tite miaou!

    • Bonjour, Louise! Your English is ok, don’t worry, mine isn’t perfect too, unfortunately. I wish my French was as good as your English…
      Mr. Bowie sends his regards to Léa, Persil-Perl!

  5. Those are beautiful. I have tinnitus so know what you’re talking about. But, like David said, Bowie probably won’t like the sound.

    • Thank you, Tim. So you know tinnitus can be a real son of a….
      I think Mr. Bowie would love it if I would buy something bigger the next time!

  6. Lol, what is it with cats and boxes? In any case, Mr. B seems to be on top of the situation. I believe your new speakers have passed his meticulous inspection! A+

  7. Cats like that, they don’t like anything to change in the house. In the village home there is a basket bed for our Princess. And I know it is too old now, and not very well and every time when I take it for to junk, she jumps in the basket. As if she says “Nooooo! you can’t! This is mine!!!!”… I understood her. Then I bought a new one and I put next to old one… in times the new one became her best one, so then I throw away the old one 🙂 I am glad you are all in pleasure with this change. Thank you, for you both, have a nice and enjoyable time, Love, nia

    • Hi Nia! Thank you for this nice comment. Thank goodness your Princess finally picked the new basket…
      Hope you are having a marvellous day, Nia!

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  9. Heavens, seems like you’re building a first rate music studio Herman. Orrrrr, perhaps a time machine! Can we go back to before the American Election? LOL xB

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