We Cool?

Breaking records. The mercury hit 32.1 degrees Celsius, making it the hottest 13th September ever recorded in this part of the world.

Hey, Mr. Bowie, “We cool?” “Sure, we’re cool, human!”


Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

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  1. Oh my goodness! Mr. Bowie! I feel as if I have won a prize as the first to ‘like’ you today :). You look very handsome- even with the heat- and you are smart to keep your tummy on the pavement…is it a little cooler there?

    • Hi Misha, thank you so much!
      Weatherman says we’ll break the record again tomorrow… Thank goodness temperatures will drop down in the weekend…

  2. “Man, it’s a hot one
    Like seven inches from the midday sun
    Well, you hear Mr Bowie meowing in the words, to melt everyone
    But you stay so cool…” Adapted form “Smooth” by Santana

  3. I love how you photographed Bowie, with his rippling fur. It’s cool here today, Herman, so be thankful for your heat. Or is it too hot? Perhaps September is making up for all of the rain you had earlier.

    • Hi Mary J! ‘Making up for all the rain’… that’s a nice way of looking at this heat.
      Okay, maybe it’s a little bit too hot but I’m not complaining. Don’t know about Mr. Bowie, though…

  4. Yes, the tile floor would be the coolest spot! Good choice Mr. Bowie! The weather seems to be all over the maps these days, with no “normal” anymore. Better stock up on some vanilla ice cream for you and Mr. Bowie, Herman. Stay cool! All the best from cats and crew at Salmon Brook Farms.

    • Hi Lavinia! Thank goodness we still have a good stock of vanilla ice cream in the freezer! And yes, I do believe something is really wrong with the climate…
      Mr. Bowie sends his sunny and cool regards to the cats and crew at Salmon Brook Farms!
      Have a nice day!

  5. That is hot, interesting, because here in the north is really warm September, about 20°C, normally at this time here is about 10. Yesterday huge wedges of cranes were flying straight to the south, so they know that you have still summer. You have a great reason to eat ice cream every day.

    • I will keep my eye to the sky and watch if I can spot the cranes…
      Temperatures will drop down to 20 next weekend. Maybe that’s no so bad at all. Meanwhile, we’ll have some extra ice cream… 😉

  6. I hope you guys are staying cool. I have a tip from a VERY consistently hot part of Earth. I wet a towel and wring it out and then gently half wrap the critters in it for a few moments. They love it.
    Mr B is smart and cooling himself down. ❤

  7. Aw Mr Bowie, even in the hottest weather, you are super cool! 🙂
    It is starting to hot up here too, and the sun has a sting to it again. I walk Little Monkey in the early evening. 🙂

    • Hi Boomdee! Haha… een komkommer! That’s a good one! 🙂
      Melting chocolate? That’s were the ice cream comes in… 😉

        • That expression is new to us in Belgium but I’m going to introduce it from now on!
          ‘Cool als een komkommer’, but you get the credits my dear!

      • Hi Herman, since I love ice cream, chocolate and espresso like you do, I treated myself today for a tiramiso, it had all of the above in it. Maybe something you might add to your list of desires, just saying. Have a great weekend. Oh I forgot, the top of Tiramiso has some whipped cream for Mr. Bowie to lick off.

  8. This September is unusually warm, but I think Mr. Bowie doesn’t mind much. As smart as he is – he will always find a way to chill down 🙂 This perfect body of his looks gorgeous in any weather.

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