Plain Water


Are you serious? You invite your friends over to party and this is all I get? Water… plain water? After the stress and the traumatic event of last week?

Hold your horses, Mr. Bowie, don’t give me that Clint Eastwood look! A recent study shows that drinking more plain water can help you avoid excess calories and control your weight.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.

91 responses

  1. Ocharme Bowie, krijg je niks dan water … en wie weet wat baasje straks gaat smullen samen met zijn bezoek! Ik zou nog een andere face trekken!

  2. My cat often contemplates his plate with exactly the same expression. As the guy, who shares the appartment with me says, “He’s waiting to become hungry”:)

  3. You got the “Squint like Clint” out of Mr. Bowie over that water. Even though coffee is an essential food group, Mr Bowie, plain old water is even more essential.

  4. Mr. Bowie sure has that look down. We have bubbly fountains for water. If I put down a bowl it had better have food in it or I will get a similar look, plus a bunch of annoyed sounding meows from Mi Sun.

    • We had problems with Mr. Bowie’s catnip plants. Guess the bad weather is the reason. Looks like we won’t make it trough the winter… 😉

  5. Mr. Bowie looks disappointed. Some catnip-vanilla ice cream might bring out the sunny side. And don’t forget some dark chocolate and espresso for yourself, Herman! 🙂

  6. You could make some catnip infused water, lol! He could have his own special drink at party time. Peace to you too, in these crazy times. They should be serving peanuts with the circus of our political situation over here. Enjoy more summer!

    • Thank you, my friend! Hope you’re having a marvellous weekend!

      The news about the political situation in the US of A is everyday in the news in this part of the world. It’s really hard to believe for most of us, the down-to-earth Europeans… 😉
      A year ago it was kinda funny and we could laugh with it, but right now it’s very terrifying.

  7. Yikes Mr. Bowie……that is one very dangerous look! Water is good for you – maybe you’ll get a treat if you drink your water like a good boy???

    Hugs, Sammy and Mom

  8. I understand his disgust. Some months ago I bought the cats a drinking fountain and it has become a favorite activity…. felines love moving or falling water but water just sitting in a dish, not so much!

  9. LOL, “get off my lawn”
    That is one kick butt, sideways glance you’re giving your dad Mr Bowie. Let’s make protest signs and march around shall we ! All together now……..

    ” Water is for the fishes”
    ” We want more in our dishes”

    aaaaaannd repeat… xo B

  10. Oh that look! Mr. Bowie probably noticed injustice as you served your friends something other than just water… You should immediately bring a treat offering to earn forgiveness.

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