It’s sum sum summertime. At last the summer is finally here! Warm weather today and heatwave set for the next days. Now we’re talking! No excuses to get outside and enjoy milkshakes, ice cream and yes, even a strong hot espresso. The photograph below is from a few days ago. It’s Mr. Bowie’s favourite place to hide from the rain. Well, those days are over.

Enjoy this beautiful day, my friends, wherever you are. Peace, love and understanding.


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  1. Mr. Bowie looks very happy staying out of the rain. Now he can enjoy the sunshine and summer fun.

  2. Good to see Mr Bowie looking so chilled. We also have good weather here in the UK for the next few days, my two cats are in a shady spot in the garden. :>)

    • Haha… I can see the picture! It’s the same story overhere. Mr. Bowie is having a nap somewhere hidden in the shadow. It’s already too hot for him, we’re close to 30 degrees Celsius…

  3. Mr. Bowie – what a great look on that most handsome face of yours….you do look QUITE content in your bed – but the sun’s out an it’s time to see what’s up in the garden – and purrrrhaps share a dish of ice cream with Herman. Yes. Definitely!

    Pam and Sam

    • Mr. Bowie is the best in meditating, I wish I had his skills! I’m sure I would feel much better, emotionally speaking…

  4. Have a wonderful day. Herman and Mr. Bowie! I love Mr. Bowie’s teddy bear sitting by his little napping cave. Cats and crew here wish you both all the best today, and every day.

    • Thank you, Lavinia. In fact, Mr. Bowie says it’s too hot for him but he can’t say no to the vanilla ice cream… with a cat treat on top!
      He sends his regards to the crew!

  5. Ah, I’ll be thinking of you and your ice cream while I am in the office – no air condition. It will be nicely warm ^^
    Good that you enjoy the weather and maybe Mr. Bowie fancies some frozen yoghurt 🙂

  6. Glad summer has arrived at your house. Instead of hot espresso, perhaps an iced espresso with a large dollop of ice cream may be in order. 🙂

    • Thanks for another delicious idea in your comment, David! More warm days ahead also means more yummie stuff to try out… 🙂

    • We are going to enjoy the next warm days, although Mr. Bowie says it’s already way to hot for him. But hey, it also means more ice cream!

    • Thank you, Julie! We are surely going to enjoy the next warm days (and the ice cream that goes together with it…) ! 😉

  7. We had the same temperature and very high humdity so on my way homefrom the dentist today treated myself at my favorite little ice cream stand. It is local and very good. The flavor of the weekwas blackberry since they are in season,so I got what they call a Blizzard, half shake on the bottom with a one scoop sundae on top. You could really taste the blackberries in the ice cream and the sauce. But I knew it would be a long drive so I got a coffee shake too, and don’t feel the least bit guilty.

    • Sounds like you made the right decision yesterday…
      I would like to taste that ice cream flavour, I just love blueberries… I’m having blueberries everyday.

  8. I am sure this has been said many times in the comments…but this may be my favorite photo of Mr. Bowie. It captures the sweetness and essence of Mr. Bowie so beautifully. It is the sort of lovely image most needed at this moment in time.

  9. I love this picture of Mr Bowie in his bed with his little teddy bear, hi Herman i have three cats now but l lost my Caramel last november I had to put him asleep, i still miss him.
    Have a nice day both of you

  10. Peace, LOVE and Understanding to you both my friends. Bravo for the illusive ‘summertime’ to finally arrive. What a Diva to keep you all waiting.
    That little bear next to Mr Bowies sleeping cocoon is so cute. Why doesn’t someone make these us? I’d love one.

    • Hi Boomdee! Mr. Bowie told me you can’t have his little bear. I’m so sorry, my dear!
      Hope you had a great time in Paris.

      • Wait! no way Jose! I could never take away Mr Bowie’s sweet little bear!! I was saying how cute that cocoon was and that someone should make them for people our size ❤ I would go in there to nap or maybe even write a blog 😀 xo K

        • I dig your idea. Man I would love to have a noon siesta in a cave my size. And Mr. Bowie can join me… 🙂

  11. I love Mr. Bowie’s condo and his bear. How cozy!

    It’s going to be a hot one here for a few days. Highs in the 90’s, high humidity. I’m not a fan of that, so I’ll be sure to send our leftovers across the pond to you and Bowie.

  12. It was so hot in Texas today, as soon as my 2 cats walked out onto the back porch….they turned around and came right back in. They preferred to lie on the cool kitchen tile floor.. The weather said the heat index was 110. If I tried to enjoy ice cream or chocolate outside today, it would have melted away before I was able to eat it. Might have been able to wear it though….

    • Hi Mary! I can see the picture… Actually, Mr. Bowie also prefers the cool tiles of the living room now it’s so hot outside. Thank goodness the temperature is dropping the next days…

      PS: Melting chocolate… the horror… the horror…

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