Fantastic day. Due to bad weather conditions Mr. Bowie has to stay inside today. He doesn’t seem to mind. Looks like he’s having a good time.

Just wondering, now that it’s officially summer, you’d expect the weather to be warm but where’s the sunshine? I’m giving in to the magnetic pull toward a bar of dark chocolate.



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  1. Dark chocolate does have a magnetic pull. What do you think of Iceland beating the UK? I thought it was really cool. Do the Red Devils ever play Iceland?

    • Hi Tim! Dark chocolate is the magic trick on rainy and cold, dark days…

      I loved that game. I believe everyone in Europe loves the soccer team from Iceland, except England probably… It was another Brexit in one week time! 😉
      The Red Devils can only play against Iceland if they both reach the finale.

      • I see the Red Devils are playing Wales tomorrow. Being of Welsh, bogdweller ancestry, as my Viking wife calls it, I should be rootin’ for Wales. But I’m going to welsh on my Welsh roots, and root for the Red Devils instead. I can’t turn my back on you and Mr Bowie;)

        • Thank you so much, Tim. We need all the support; just heard on the news one of our defenders is out due to a twisted ankle suffered during training today.

    • Straks moeten we de verwarming nog opzetten tijdens Polen-Portugal. Morgen als de Rode Duivels spelen zal het wel warm genoeg zijn… 🙂

  2. Looks like Bowie needs a nap due to all that fun. And you need the reward of chocolate due to the weather. It’s beautiful here. I’ll send sun and blue sky your way when I go back to work on Tuesday! 😉

  3. We have sun here for the time being – but no dark chocolate – definitely need to do something about that……..I think I’ll leave Sam here with David and head for the store to rectify this horrible deficiency in my cupboard! Love the photos of Mr. B…….especially the last where he’s screaming for SUN!


  4. That dark chocolate is a magnetic pull to you, just as it seems what could be some new boxes is to a very curious cat…..Mr. Bowie, since you’re inside anyway, you should continue your investigation.

  5. dood…..we see ya singing a long with dad !!! hope ewe R fee chured on hiz album 🙂 we due knot haz much in de way oh sun either rite now… but itz kinda oh kay …coz itz been hotter N de bad place with flamez…late lee ~~~~~~:) ♥♥♥

  6. I was going to be snoopy and figure out what you’ve bought in the big box. When I first Googled Sparex, it said it’s for pickling. ?? and I thought Herman? Pickling?

    So I Googled and it brings up a tractor company. This is how rumours start you know?

    Are you and Mr Bowie going into pickle farming by chance? LOL ! I think Mr Bowie is amused too by the looks of his second photo. He’s really laughing there (or maybe a yawn). xo ❤

    • Mr. Bowie needed some extra equipment (a tractor) to extend his catnip farm… 😉
      Are you enjoying the cold European weather, my dear Boomdee?

      • Is it chilly for you? London was a tad rainy but here in Paris it’s been good for me. I like 21 C or even 24 C….hotter than this and I melt…As a Northern gal, this is perfect ❤ Enjoy the catnip farm LOL

    • Don’t know what was in the box. It was a delivery for my neighbours, they weren’t home.
      Anyway, I think it’s time for some chocolate… 😉

  7. Mr. Nano says he is quite impressed with Mr. Bowie’s teeth! All the cats here at Salmon Brook Farms send Mr. Bowie and Herman a big “Meow!

    Your cherry tree garden survived the 2 rounds of hail here recently, but the irises look a bit tattered at the moment. I have some work to do… 😦

    • I’m sure the cherry tree garden and the irises are in good hands, Lavinia! We had some hail storms too the past weeks.

      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to all the cats of Salmon Brook Farms!

  8. Looks like Mr. Bowie wants you to open and empty those boxes for him to enjoy Herman. Dark Chocolate sounds good to me- I’ll take some too!

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