Sneaking Out


Forbidden zone. When I return from shopping, I leave the front door slightly open so I can carry my groceries inside. Mr. Bowie will always try to quietly sneak out the door. But this place is off-limits for Mr. Bowie. Although I’m living in the countryside, there have been already two cats killed on the road last month. Regrettably, one of them was my neighbour’s lovely cat.

This is the look Mr. Bowie gave me when I told him to go back inside. Believe me, it’s a dangerous world out there, Mr. Bowie.

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  1. Listen to Mr. Herman…….it’s comfy, safe, and of course all the treats are INSIDE Mr. Bowie. Sorry about your neighbors cat. The world is sometimes a very scary place.

    Love, Sammy

  2. He is really angry, but the world outside for a cat is really dangerous. Mr. Bowie is always great in photos.
    We have had the sneaking out problems with all the cats before Kosmo. Something really bad has happened to him outside when he was homeless. Only thing we know that his tail was broken when he adopted us. He never wants to go out, so we don’t need those door arrangements.

  3. You are a good cat dad, Herman, looking out for Mr. Bowie as you do, even though he thinks you’re being mean.

    I love this photo. I want to pick Mr. Bowie up and snuggle him…give him girl germs by kissing his beautiful face.

  4. He has wanderlust in his blood, wanting to explore the world. But stay safe, Mr. Bowie, your house and garden is a perfect universe for you!

    • Elke keer opnieuw glipt hij naar buiten. Mijn zus krijgt er de kriebels van. Gelukkig dat de straat hem toch wat afschrikt zodat hij voorlopig daar op de mat blijft zitten…
      Allez, zo een mooie tuin om in rond te dwalen en dan toch steeds naar de straat willen gaan…

  5. I built a “cat trap” screened porch outside my front door when I moved into this house and had it expanded a few years ago, with screen doors that only swing inward so it would be hard for a cat to get all the way out. Lots of people have porches like that here but I think mine is the only one especially designed for cat protection. I hate to see a cat outdoors here, I am only a mile from the heart of town. Two of mine are here now because their former owners wouldn’t keep them indoors and didn’t really seem to care!

  6. It is a dangerous world out there Mr. Bowie — don’t let your kitty curiosity get the better of you. Just say no to going out the front door.

    • Mr. Bowie got a great garden to explore on the other side of the house. It’s a big garden with a ‘cat friendly’ fence.

  7. Ah, Mr. Bowie. It’s hard to believe, but sometimes the human knows best. As for our Tigger Cat, he stays inside because I want to keep our songbirds singing. Tigger Cat prefers them for dinner.

  8. dood…we gotta a greez with yur dad on this one, safe tee furst buddy….we iz knot a loud out doorz coz oh roadz & crazed driverz ….oh, N thiz fotoz rocks bye de way…..♥♥♥

  9. Poor Mr Bowie it would be hard being cooped up inside I had a friend who created a cattery cage that went out the window and into and old tree in his small yard, the city cats loved there outdoor play centre. Beautiful contrasts in this shot with that brick wall.

  10. Mr. Bowie, you better listen to your human. Most of the time they are wrong, but this time he’s right. Mom has told us about the dangerous world on the other side of our back yard. She said we can go out there but no further. Yes, we do try to sneak out, too!

  11. Oh that grumpy look on your face Mr.Bowie, can’t hardly stand it, yet it gives me giggles because you look so cute. I know you are serious about this front door issue, but your backyard is way more exciting, where all the treats, catnaps and digging in the soil happens. Please take my and Moshu’s advice to stay off the front door, it’s just for the mail man and your authority for shlepping in all the goodies for both of you

    • I hope you can convince Mr. Bowie with your comment, Cornelia. Mr. Bowie can be very stubborn sometimes… 😉

  12. This is one instance where we agree you must make an exception to the ‘cats listen to no one’ rule dear Bowie. Your Herman is only looking out for you out of love and devotion, which is his job as your staff/human/Dad. What kind of world would it be without Mr. Bowie in it? We shudder to even think of it! Rock on dude!
    -Clove & Kaspars, US feline human supervisors

    • Thank you so much for this nice and warm comment, my dear friends from the US! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  13. Oh no, Mr. Bowie, you need to be reminded of the old saying that curiosity killed the cat! Herman caught you sneaking out in time, thankfully. Your back garden is a perfect place to be curious in safety. Herman, you got a good shot of his expression again. Maybe what he’s thinking is something we couldn’t print on here……….. 😉

  14. Better listen to Herman Mr. Bowie. He does a tremendous job providing everything a cat could want, love, treats, and a great safe garden lots of cats (including mine) wish they had. My cats all came from the outside and they said to tell you it’s scary out there.

    • So true! It’s a very dangerous and hard world outside for most cats. Not everyone is as lucky as Mr. Bowie…

  15. We have three cats that have Mr Bowie’s “ground rules”; our neighbour lost several cats to traffic (though we live in a quiet rural town), so ours have run of the (large) flat, and our roof. More than once has a passerby stopped to warn us that our cats were on the roof…

  16. One of my cats (Freddie) slips (pushes his way) out the front door all the time… fortunately there is another shared building door at the bottom of the stairs so he can’t go far… although from time to time the door is left open and off he trots down the street… it’s just the thought of forbidden territory that is so appealing without any thought given to the lurking dangers… not all that glitters is gold, Mr. Bowie!

    • Thank goodness there’s an extra door to keep Freddie safe inside… So weird cats always want to sneak out to a forbidden territory. But hey, I like to sneak out and get myself some extra chocolate! 😉

  17. Gasp! I’m so sorry to hear about your neighbour kitty, poor thing. Mr Bowie, you best get your fluffy self back to safety, I couldn’t bare the thought. Our little black kitty Petals is a sneaky one too. Just one second of an open door and she zooms out, with me in hot pursuit. I usually can nab her when she stops to roll in the gravel. Why do kitty’s like that Mr Bowie? xo K

  18. Mr. Bowie would like to know how you expect him to protect you if he can’t sit on the step looking mean? I agree with the indoor part. Cats are too curious for their own good sometimes.

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