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  1. Well the service can sometimes be slow…….I have this problem too Mr. Bowie. I’m thinking Herman will be there shortly with your order and probably another cup of espresso for himself…….!

    Hugs, Sammy

  2. Mr. Bowie looks very angry, did you really think that your espresso is somehow important. The staff needs education, if I am not noticed I will sit in the middle of the kitchen table and that works!
    Kosmo, a cat in faraway Finland

    • I am so sorry, my dear Kosmo! I should have waited with having my espresso. But Mr. Bowie got an extra treat afterwards…

  3. Everyone knows it takes time to get going in the mornings, especially on Sunday!
    But you are looking really good there Mr Bowie, with the green behind you πŸ™‚

  4. Mr. Beautiful certainly is showing a look of impatience. You captured it so well! Who ever said cats don’t have expressions on their faces didn’t know cats very well.

  5. Espresso and short nights are no excuse for providing poor kitty service. Luck you only have Mr. Bowie to complain!

  6. I hope your human has learned from his mistake making you wait Mr. Bowie, and is now going to serve you first and with extra treats from now on!

  7. Mr. Bowie, I believe reprimand may be in order for the poor service. Perhaps a penalty of no chocolate and espresso may be required.

    Our staff has been trained to provide prompt and immediate service every morning. That means we eat first, our food and water stations are readied next, then litter service (scooping and grooming). And, that’s all before they pour themselves their first cup of coffee and make their own breakfast.

    • Oh no…!! No chocolate and espresso…!! The horror… the horror!

      It looks like you cats lead a very normal life over there…

  8. ” Excuse me my master, you are supposed to serve me first before your self having espresso times”. Mr. Bowie I am getting into your cat mind, as I have learned from my Moshu, don’t you dare have your early morning tea before you feed me. It has become a daily conversation, is the soaking teabag or the cat food can a winner? I let you guess it.

  9. Petals and Blossum have me making their breakfast before I even have my morning Latte. If I don’t, they wine endlessly until I pay attention. I have spoilt them rotten. Look how patient you are! I should send them to Bowie Boot Camp….snel , twee tickets naar BelgiΓ« neem sir ❀ B

    • I can picture the scene, my dear Boomdee! Mr. Bowie says Petals and Blossum are welcome in his home…

  10. Mr. Bowie feels that you don’t quite understand the priorities of the cat/human relationship. However, he loves you, so he will be patient.

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