Finally, we made it through the winter and spring is in the air. Mr. Bowie is outside enjoying the first warmer days. I’m looking forward to having breakfast and espresso outside. But first I got to get rid of the snails in the garden. Let’s set out some beer traps. We need to secure Mr. Bowie’s catnip plantation.

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  1. Why bother with the beer traps? Let Mr. Bowie hunt down those nasty invaders and serve him the beer along with the snail meal 🙂

  2. The golden sun on handsome Mr. Bowie! We spent the whole weekend outside as well. No snails here but lots of rabbits to eat our flowers….

  3. Mr. Bowie is always very handsome cat. And snails, we had last summer an invasion and just picked them to a glass jar every day and carried them to nearby forest. I can’t kill anything.

  4. We never get a proper snail with a little shell aound here, only slugs, and even if I’m a vegetarian I never felt regret at drowning them in beer. Prosit.

      • We used to get “Schaefer” beer, about the cheapest you could get in the Eastern US at the time, my late and ex husband called it “the beer that slugs deserve.”

  5. I’ve hear tell that beer flavored escargot is delicious 😉 Bowie looks quite happy now that spring has sprung.

  6. Food or coffee or anything tastes better outside. It’s all about the fresh spring air! Yes, get working on that catnip plantation so he doesn’t any issue finding plenty when he wants it. Happy Spring! 🙂

  7. We only get slugs here. Anything they like gets surrounded by a ring of broken eggshells. I’m sure it would deter snails. In California we had snails and it turned out they were a species that could be used for escargot but you had to hold then hostage in a box of cornstarch or they tasted like grass (so I was told, never tried it). Good luck with the beer traps. Get American beer, Belgian is too good for pests.

    • Haha…!! Guess your house is the favourite place to hang around if you’re a cat!
      Just wondering, do you have dark chocolate too? 😉

      PS: hanging baskets? Great idea, thank you!

      • My catnip raising days now are limited to in house for my two kitty boys, Andy and Dougy. Dougy is less interested in it than Andy. The hanging baskets, though. They are perfect for growing this interesting weed, and it is attractive enough by itself, though I planted it with some annuals that had more interesting flowers.

    • Haha… Don’t worry, David. I just bought the cheapest beer I could find in the store. Thank goodness they had dark chocolate too! 😉

    • Thank you, Lavinia! We will both follow your advice concerning springtime…
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to the crew!

  8. Mr. Bowie, isn’t it wonderful to be outside again? We feel like winter has been elebenty billion weeks long!!! Our noses are so excited to get out there and smell all the new things. By the wya, do you drink the beer your human sets out????? MOL

  9. Oh my, what happens in the beer? Do they drown? I hope Mr Bowie doesn’t like beer, could make for lots of lazy afternoons, or that’s what happens to me when I drink beer 😀 x B

  10. The photo made me think of an old song from a band Tin Tin.
    “You more lovely than the day ,When the sun is in your eyes”
    Such a pretty song.
    prepare for rowdy, drunken, snails, singing. Secure the catnip! 😀

    • Thank goodness I don’t drink beer!
      I’m going to check out Tin Tin… But first I need to secure the nip! 😉

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