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  1. Mr. Bowie looks very formidable! I would not want to cross him. The Boys of Salmon Brook Farms were quite impressed, and think Mr. Bowie might be able to take on the deer that destroyed 10 blueberry bushes in the fall. The boys are sure he’ll be back before the humans can get fencing up. All the cats and crew send a big “Meow!” to you and Mr. Bowie. 🙂

    • Well hello there. my dear friends!
      Catching a deer…?? Mr. Bowie’s says he could use some help from the Boys of Salmon Brook Farms!

      • Hi Bowie. I’m messaging some people on here asking them if they have a idea on what we could use for a potty grass for our 2 dogs, Tula and Momar. They are both quite small so nothing to large. Looking for something to out in our patio. We’re interested in using artificial and live grass but of course something just made for dogs. Thanks!

  2. Oh my ! HA! Sometimes I wake up looking a little like this. Maybe from a nap on the sofa? I really missed your sweet face Mr Bowie. You ARE my sunshine xo B

  3. I should have adopted Mr Bowie’s attitude on Monday. Maybe my laptop would not have acted up all week! I can’t do that cool tough guy look like Mr. Bowie though, he’s right up their with Steve McQueen.

    • Thank you! Welcome on HoB, Bird. Thanks for visiting and following the blog. Much appreciated!

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