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      • The only congested network in these parts is in my head — I meant that I was trying to find words, not find someone. When this kind of thing keeps happening and language is all you have, you look for something to say, and it’s not there today.

  1. Herman, I thought of you and Mr. Bowie immediately. Glad you are okay. Please accept my loving thoughts and prayers for your country at this terrible time.

  2. Another vicious attack on innocents filling the world with fear, anger and bewilderment. It is heartbreaking.

  3. Dear, dear Herman . . . the only words I can find are those posted by a friend in response to last week’s Cote d’Ivoire outrage: “J’emmerde le terrorisme.” I appreciate the vulgarity. I don’t know if this link will work for you — but I found it heartening. Just a bunch of guys on the beach, a throw-together chorus of resistance. https://www.facebook.com/sogbety?fref=ts

      • Herman, can you imagine? My drum teacher, and a group of students from here, were at this **very same place** in Côte d’Ivoire just two days before the terror!!! They returned to that place a week or so later — and they saw these same guys playing and singing. They told me this yesterday, on their safe return. Now, how are you doing, dear, after a few days have passed? Perhaps you will tell us in your next post.

  4. Same here…..we immediately thought of you and Mr. B and are glad you’re alright – at least physically alright – these things take a mental toll on EVERYONE who abhors these tactics and nothing would make all of us happier than if this would STOP. It achieves nothing but horror and fear and anger. Anyway, sending big hugs……..sometimes it helps!

    Love, Sam and Pam

  5. I forgot that you are in the Netherlands…but it is too close! I have a friend visiting France right now, and a friend visiting Berlin…the world is very small…we are all one!

      • Yes, I apologize, I was right the first time…a senior moment…confusing you with another blogger I follow! So Sorry! Thoughts are what counts! 😦

  6. Dear Herman and Lovely Mr. Bowie, I am so sad to hear this, I am with you all there, I pray for all these people. This is tragic. so tragic. I do pray for a peaceful world. Love, nia

  7. I am so sorry for the people of Belgium. I am glad you and Mr. Bowie are safe and my prayers are with those hurt by these evil attacks. So senseless, so sad.

  8. Sorry doesn’t seem to be a strong enough word. I can’t imagine the horror of having one’s world become such a dangerous place in seconds.

  9. When I heard about this on the news, I thought of you and Mr Bowie immediately. I can’t even begin to express how sorrowful I feel for the people of Belgium. Unfortunately, I can relate with it. Ellie

  10. I looked at the comment box for a long time but no words came. Just know Australia stands beside you and in particular me. Angry ! and sad.

  11. Awoke to the news this morning and thought immediately of you and all the good people (and their animal companions) of Belgium. Stay strong, and kind! ❤

  12. So saddened by hearing those horrible news. Some angry thoughts tried to take place within me, but that won’t help, it’s creating even more negativity for the world. My compassion for you and your country is sending you love and peace. Hope you are having double espressos!

  13. Watching our evening news now, my gosh Herman. I am so sorry to hear this, for your country and the families who’ve lost loved ones. These insane villains, they’re inhumane and wrath with hatred that we can’t even comprehend. Be careful my friend, stay safe ❤

  14. Such devastating and tragic news. Such acts of hatred are incomprehensible. All my thoughts and support are with the people of Belgium. Just as a side note, I lived in Liège many years ago and still have friends there. I have a special place in my heart for Belgium. 🙂

  15. I thought of you immediately. Such a sad day for your country and all people, really, that humans can do such devastation and kill and hurt so many. No, there are no good words for something we can not understand.

  16. One thing about the blogging world is that you get to know people all over the world. You also get to send up even more prayers ‘cuz no you know people who are close to where the tragedies are happening! The world shouldn’t be like this. Humans should be able to get along, but in this world it just won’t happen. We’re so glad that you’re safe but we’re so sad that tragedy happened.

  17. I haven’t been on the blogosphere a lot lately but I wanted to let you know that you and your family were in my thoughts this week. I have many friends in Belgium (everyone is safe) and it makes me so sad when things like this happen. I hope everyone you know is ok and I send a special hug to Mr. Bowie.

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