Pancakes! A few days ago, Joke, Mr. Bowie’s foster-mother when he was a baby, invited me to her house for pancakes. Pancakes… saying “no” wasn’t an option! It was a welcome break from struggling in the studio on two new songs. It would be great if I could release one song on SoundCloud next month.

It was also nice seeing Pritty and Dixie again, Mr. Bowie’s mom and brother. Hey human, get your pancakes ready, Dixie is waiting… Can you see the family resemblance in that face?

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  1. You can never turn down an invitation to pancakes. I love the white mustache on Dixie! There is a lot of resemblance in that cute face.

    • PANCAKES! There you go again… the magic word!
      After having ice cream Mr. Bowie looks a bit like his little brother…

  2. That face is adorable……..pancakes are fabulous ANY time but getting a visit with Mr. Bowie’s Mom and Brother HAD to be fun too. Will be anxious to hear the music on SoundCloud…….

    Pam (and Sam who says “meow” to Mr. B)

    • I love being in the company of good friends, especially in combination with pancakes and coffee!

      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to Sam.

  3. Definite family resemblance. I’m having a bit of a bad tech day and the idea of pancakes suddenly seems just the thing. I have some blackberries in the freezer. Do let us know when your song is up, Herman I have always wanted to hear your music.

  4. And I thought YOU were to get the pancakes *lol* Hope the cats had some leftovers for you. Pancakes, hmmmm *sending greedy looks into kitchen*

    • Thank you! What can go wrong when pancakes, chocolate, espresso and my studio technician, Mr. Bowie, are covering my back…

  5. Ik kijk er altijd naar uit als jij pannenkoeken komt eten, dat maakt de woensdag net dat tikje mooier en warmer!!! Wat ben ik blij met zo`n goede vriend.
    Super leuk om al die mooie reacties te lezen op onze Dixie ❤ ❤

    • Het gevoel is wederzijds! 🙂
      Ja, het is leuk om zoveel toffe reacties te lezen over Dixie. En iemand was ook jaloers op jullie keuken…

      Dixie staat ook echt heel mooi op de foto. En grappig dat een paar mensen eerst dachten dat het Bowie was. Ze lijken inderdaad wel op elkaar, vooral die arrogante snoet… 😉

  6. ~~~~~~ waves two ewe dixie….ewe R total lee kewl……N yea….ya due inn deed look like mr bowie 🙂

    mr bowie, …. pleez ta tell yur dad we hope him can ree lease 100 songs on sound cloud next month !! ♥♥♥

  7. What a gorgeous family! Can tell that Mr. Bowie and Dixie are brothers. Both resemble their stunning grandmother. Lovely reunion, and the pancakes were a bonus. With some chocolate spread, I presume?

  8. Hi Herman and Mr. Bowie! What a wonderful family reunion, and what a handsome cat that Dixie is, just like brother Mr. Bowie. Pancakes sound good, and reminds me I’ll have to get Rick to make his homemade buckwheat cakes again. 🙂

    Looking forward to hearing your songs, Herman. The cats and crew all send their best to you and Mr. Bowie.

    • Hi Lavinia! The pancakes were delicious, hope yours will be delicious too…

      I finished mixing the song yesterday. It’s an instrumental song with some samples of voices and noise, kinda. A good friend is doing the artwork so it should be on SoundCloud very soon, I hope…

      Meanwhile Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to the Cat Crew of the Farm!

  9. Oh my, what a lovely distraction, pancakes and Dixie. Do you think she knows there’s something yummy coming along soon. I do see the resemblance. LOL, look at that stare ❤ Dixie would be a good Poker player. xo B

  10. I accidentally met my kitty boys’ auntie and half-sister once while waiting for the veterinarian technician to prepare medicine for one of my cats. Since these relatives came from the Birman side of the family, I didn’t immediately recognize them as possible relatives. (The woman with the carrier holding these two cats was the one who gave me Andy and Dougy, my two Persians.) After I was introduced to the two cats, though, I recognized familiar behaviors and physical characteristics particular to the Birman side of the family. It was quite interesting! All that said, I see that Mr. Bowie’s mom is as beautiful as her son is handsome! (And I would have accepted the invitation for pancakes, too!

    • What a beautiful story! That was sure very interesting to meet your furry family… So sorry you didn’t get an invitation for pancakes, though! 😉

      • Perhaps if I’d invited their auntie and half sister over for a little social time, we ‘d have been invited for a social time at their place. Living with kitties in a hermit-like existence, I sometimes forget those little social niceties!

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