Where Are You?


Panic in the house! I thought Mr. Bowie was gone. Kidnapped by burglars or abducted by aliens. Did he sneak out of the house? At the top of my lungs I called out his name, but he didn’t answer. After a desperate search I found Mr. Bowie sleeping in my new bookcase in the bedroom. Well hello there, little one…

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  1. Yes it’s awful when they do that. MaChatte has several good hiding places and she will not answer me when I’m calling her and looking all over the house. When I find her, she gives me a look, like: What?!!? So glad you found him. Mr. Bowie can’t go missing!

  2. Hihi, we always hide in our newly digged tunnels and houses, so they think we escaped πŸ˜€ awesome, right?

  3. I’m so happy it was a kitty-klepto bookcase and not robbers or aileans that abducted Mr. Bowie. But from his side of things, you said the magic words “New Book Case!” Mr. Bowie had to check it out, make sure it was safe for your books and break it in.

  4. I swear Mr. Ferguson has mastered the art of dimensional travel, because I can look in the cupboard for him and not see him, and after I’m completely frantic he saunters out of it.

  5. So glad The Bowie Man was located…..this would not be as beautiful a world without him (and you) in it! He just can’t resist finding a new nap spot – even I can’t resist that!

    Pam and Sam

  6. Glad to hear Mr. Bowie is safe and sound! I think Mr. Bowie should treat Herman to an espresso and dark chocolate after that disappearing episode.

    Our cats do that to us a lot. And with 9 of them to keep track of! Abby especially like to hide in closets. She is small, very quick and dark colored, and can zip in before we know it.

  7. Some cats like to look at us search them. And when they are discovered, they have the pleasure to see how we are astonished ! That’s why life with some cats are very intersting. All cats ! πŸ™‚
    Mine, miss h says : miaouuu – when I am calling her. Yes ! πŸ™‚

  8. Ah, Mr. Bowie, you, cats, love to hide, don’t they? My Princess makes this too… but especially when we left her alone in the home for a long time, when we come back she didn’t seem and I begin to search all the house with panic… Every time she finds a new hiding place πŸ™‚ Please don’t make this or give a sign for us, promise πŸ™‚

    Thank you, love (you), nia

  9. Aw – it is a horrid feeling when they go missing like that! So glad you found him safe and sound! πŸ™‚
    We were hunting high and low for my daughter’s cat, right before her wedding, in a strange house with two ‘hunting’ dogs.
    We eventually found the cat hiding right under a bed – you could only see her little yellow eyes!

  10. Thank goodness. I have a nuclear meltdown when one of mine does that, even when I know the door to the outside has not been opened and I’ve been home all day. So glad Mr. Bowie was just testing a new spot to nap in.

  11. Mom hates it when we scare her like that, and with eight of us it happens often. So happy Mr. B was not abducted by aliens and all is well again. XOCK, Lily Olivia, Mauricio, Misty May, Giulietta, Fiona, Astrid, Lisbeth and Calista Jo

  12. There is nothing for it, in this house, except to rattle the treat-jar. That’s the only way to get them to forget the stupid heart-attack game and show themselves. Hah. Gotcha, you demon cats you. Do NOT do that to me again, do you hear me???

  13. Mr. Bowie, perhaps you could help out with the search the next time. You can ask Herman who is he looking for. And, when he answers your question, then you can offer a few suggestions as where to look. πŸ™‚

    • I really believe cats like to scare the hell out of us and are laughing when they see us running around in search of them…

  14. Gasp, that’s the worst feeling, I’m sorry you got such a fright. Who needs a cardio workout when you have a cat? Mr Bowie must have been in a deep sleep, a nice dream perhaps that included ice-cream xB

  15. Oh I have been through that more than once with Ralphie since he is so quiet. Thank goodness you found Mr. Bowie safe and sound!

  16. He just loves your new bookcase, perfect hide out. Moshu loves to hide BEHIND the books in my bookcase, her favorite book is ” The little prince”, Saint Exupery. I bet you needed an extra strong Espresso after you found Mr. Bowie.

    • Oh yes, I had a double espresso right after I found him! He was sleeping near my collection of David Bowie vinyl albums.

  17. Oh I know that terrible feeling! Naughty Mr Bowie giving you such angst! Time for a coffee and a relax! ❀

    • Haha! That’s something what happened with Bowie too a few years ago. I could hear him meowing from downstairs, “Please, let me out of this dark place!”

  18. dood….uz catz iz laffin N laffin;

    but de food servizz gurl noes ewe just bout gived yur dad an a tack oh de heart….

    gram paw dude wented missin for two hourz once & de mom waz even checkin drawerz him could knot EVEN have gotten in two…..

    R mom waz freekin N her waz act shoo a lee on de fone callin her mom ta come over N help when her terned round….

    & ther dude was….sittin in de middle oh de kitshun floor ~~~~~~~ ta thiz day her doez knot noe wear him waz at ~~~~~~ β™₯β™₯β™₯


  19. Mr. Bowie didn’t want to upset you… he was deep in thoughts. Managing his human’s life takes a toll… You indulge in chocolate to renew your energy, but Mr. Bowie loves his nap.

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