On Top


A day in the life. Mr. Bowie has to pay attention to the changing world economy, the global climate change and the cat treat situation at home to stay on top of things. Let’s not underestimate the importance of a cat’s life.

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  1. From the look on Mr Bowie’s face, he must have “…read the news today, ho boy. About a lucky cat who got some snacks…”

    • Are you judging Mr. Bowie by the look in his eyes? You should see my eyes after 3 espresso’s in the morning… 😉

    • Ik zal het aan Bowie vragen… als hij weer wakker wordt! Hij slaapt al dagen aan een stuk omdat hij niet buiten kan met dit regenweer…

  2. Capturing that look, what a great shot. He might have been watching my trading screen, “Coffee and coca prices up today!” Oh dear!

  3. Mr. Bowie has quite a domain to manage! Does he have the Universal Control Panel up there in his cat tree? He is probably dialing in more cat treats, dark chocolate and espresso right now.

    • You guessed it right, Lavinia! Mr. Bowie also got access to a wireless network.
      More chocolate and espresso…?? Now we are talking!

  4. Love this wise and handsome face! Whatever fluctuations take place in the world economy, Mr. Bowie will make sure that the cat treat resources remain renewable and available.

  5. In this fluctuating economy, my cats often worry about the future…and the ability of their humans to continue buying copious amounts of kibble, deli turkey and various treats. Life is stressful sometimes.

  6. Sir Winston and Mr Midnight, from their blog Nice Place, Shame about the Human Race, were really impressed with Mr Bowie. In fact, they can´t stop talking about him. He seems to be their idol at the moment most probably because of Mr Bowies wisdom.

    • Hi there, my friends! Welcome on HoB and thanks for visiting.
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” Nice to meet you!

  7. Next door’s cats understand the importance of being stroked. This, of course, must be undertaken.

    • Your point is well taken and I will see that it is not forgotten!
      Welcome on HoB, Claire! Thanks for visiting and your comment.

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