Studio closed today. I’m not feeling guilty for taking a break today to enjoy and discover Blackstar, David Bowie’s 25th album, released on his 69th birthday.

PS: Let there be no ambiguity: Mr. Bowie isn’t named after David Bowie. His name refers to Lester Bowie, an American jazz trumpet player and composer.

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    • So true. iTunes player is set on repeat mode. I’m excited about the new David Bowie album but Mr. Bowie just fell asleep…

    • My pleasure, Diane. Almost everyone thinks his name refers to David Bowie, but it refers to another musician named Bowie.

  1. Every now and then, one has to close the shop and celebrate with Mr. Bowie! And thank you for letting readers know the origin of this very elegant kitty’s name! Hope there are plenty of cat treats, chocolate and espresso available to celebrate the day!

    • Oh yes, Lavinia! We’re celebrating David Bowie’s birthday (the singer, not the cat) with extra treats for everyone!

  2. Whichever Bowie Mr. Bowie is in the mood for on any give day, he has two good choices. Enjoy your Black Star holiday.

    • Thank you, Timothy! I love the Black Star album, it’s much better than his previous ‘The Next Day’ album.

  3. Funnily enough my cat – Bowie – is named after David Bowie due to his two mismatched eye colors (I know that David Bowie doesn’t actually have two different eye colors, but the name stuck).

    • Hi Jasmine, welcome on HoB!
      I was listening to jazz music from Lester Bowie when I had to choose a name for my cat and ‘Bowie’ sounded kinda cool for a British Shorthair. But I’ll admit, Mr. Bowie makes me think more about David than Lester Bowie.

  4. A day off was definitely required for this important occasion. And when there is much celebrating a little napping is always necessary . Radio has just played Lazarus. 🙂

  5. Glad to hear that you clarified where Mr. Bowie’s name came from, I am sure he relieved too, just kidding. Good for you taking days off, a real artist needs to do that, surely Mr.Bowie was happy too, although does he get paid for days off? as your employer as a tech manager? anyways I hope there were enough cat treats for him

    • No manager, co- founder, or CEO wants to lose their best talent studio technician. So yes, Mr. Bowie was double payed yesterday and got some extra treats.
      I got extra dark chocolate too, but hey, I’m the CEO! 😉

  6. Oh thank you for clarifying. I wanted to ask.
    Mr. Bowie is immersed in music, and this looks like a nap. Very often the most creative moments are mistaken for a nap, especially by one’s boss, at work.

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