Don’t Look Back


Looking back on the past may not only stop you from enjoying each day. Research suggests that cats who look back at their past experiences full of regrets about missed opportunities are more likely to fall ill and generally have a poorer quality of life. Or did you hear the sound of the cat treat box, Mr. Bowie?

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  1. Always look back when you hear the treat box…….you can bring the treat FORWARD with you after you’ve retrieved it! That’s my philosophy anyway………onward.

    Hugs, Sammy

    • Thank you, my dear friend! A good strong espresso with dark chocolate and a treat for Mr. Bowie to start the day! Have a nice weekend!

  2. The photo is so cute and this is also so true Bowie. Me and my mom are going to pet sit a dog and we are going to do the same thing.

    I also changed my blog name to but if you ever see my same logo then it is still me. I will also be going to Tahoe for a few weeks in winter so if you do not here back from me then that is probably the reason.

    Thanks for staying in touch with me and following my page,

    • Er is niets mis met af en toe eens terug te kijken, zoals b.v. naar de gezellige koffiebreaks op het werk tijdens de eindejaarsperiode! 🙂

  3. Ha ha, yes! Petals has keen hearing when it comes to the crinkling of the goody bag. You could almost be camouflaged there Mr Bowie, you could hide out there. Well until dinner time anyways. Great shot Herman! x B

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