One of These Days


Recording studio technician at work. All right Mr. Bowie, make sure that you are sitting right in front of the display and that your face is at 90 degrees to the center of the monitor while working with Logic Pro X. I know friends and followers are waiting to hear some music. But one of these days we will rock you.

48 responses

  1. Oh Mr. Bowie, you look so professional there in front of the equipment……monitoring and adjusting and supporting and creating……love the other photos too; headphones and mic……yes of course we’re all anxious to hear the fruits of your labor…..or……said another way……looking forward to having you rock us like we KNOW you will!

    Pam and Sam

    • Mr. Bowie’s favourite place is in front of my monitor. Reading my newspaper and having an espresso isn’t a problem, thank goodness!

  2. Mr. Bowie needs to supervise and make sure you are doing it right. If you expect him to record with you in the future, then you had better assure him you have only the best for the best like him. Bowie rocks!


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