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  1. I bet you got one Mr Bowie, who could resist that face? (I always love photographs where we can see your beautiful garden too – I love the leaves turning red on the brick wall…. I think they are leaves and not autumn flowers, right?).

    • But it’s to cold out there to have coffee, Sharon. Only 6 degrees Celsius! I need a warm coat, just one like Mr. Bowie!

  2. Mr. Bowie looks like he means business, Herman. Better get the cat a treat!

    Nano said to tell Mr. Bowie we have a new gopher outside he named “Jaws” that is tunneling down through gravel! It’s a big one… The Great White Hunter may need the help of the Great Grey Hunter. Looks like a tough job. Better bring on Mr. Bowie!

  3. Of course you not only need, but DESERVE endless cat treats Mr. Bowie. I hope your human provides you with them in a timely manner per your request. If he is not doing so I suggest he be sentenced to several weeks of retraining as a punishment for not obeying the rules of feline servitude. Hopefully your human obeys and enjoys his servitude so you need not be bothered by any delinquency. Purrs to you friend.


    • Don’t you worry, my dear Clove! Mr. Bowie gets his treats on a daily basis and sometimes something extra. Just like I need chocolate, everyday… 😉
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

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