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    • Mr. Bowie can act like Arnold Schwarzenegger on a mission in a Central American jungle, chasing an extra-terrestrial warrior.

  1. In the book “1066 and All That: A memorable history of England”, Sellar and Yeatman put it this way: “The Britons, however, who of course still used the old pronunciation, understanding him to have called them ‘Weeny, Weedy, and Weaky’, lost heart and gave up the struggle, thinking that he had already divided them All into Three Parts.”

  2. Wow, there’s a lot of pieces for this game. What game is that? Looks complicated. Walt Disney said, “the difference between losing and winning is not quitting”. Looks like Mr Bowie’s a definite winner 😀 xB

    • It’s a game about medieval armies and knights. I don’t know what it’s about actually. I should ask Mr. Bowie because it’s his game!

  3. Mr. Bowie reminds me of King Kong when he looms over the tiny city below him! Except Mr. Bowie is a sweetheart. 💙

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