Don’t mess with Mr. Bowie! I suppose all celebrities, from Taylor Swift to Mr. Bowie, attract weirdos and people who take advantage of the generosity of the stars. I removed this tick from Mr. Bowie’s skin. Make no mistake, little freeloader, we will rock you.

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  1. Oh those hateful little bugs. They’re just awful plus there are the diseases. I’m glad you found that little cling-on and got him off of Mr. Bowie. Ours haven’t been as bad this year, but last summer we had an epidemic. Be careful yourself!

    • Thank you, Lavinia! We had a great sunny day, yesterday. We enjoyed the sunshine outside in the garden. More sun today, yeah!

    • We had a real epidemic of ticks three years ago. It looked like a horror movie. Last year we hardly saw them but it looks like they are back in town.

  2. dood…18 centz anda sack oh friez sayz a bass terd burd… flyin over head…. dropped it…N yur furz had ta catch it….glad yur dad finded it quik like……tickx R bass terdz two 🙂

    hay, tell yur dad ta look in two ” food grade diatomaceous earth”….dunno if ewe can get it wear ewe live….. but its werth checkin out ♥♥♥

    • We don’t have problems with fleas but this part of the world has the highest tick population. We have to check our pets very frequently.

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