Return to the Moon. EL VY is the musical collaboration between The National’s Matt Berninger and Brent Knopf from Menomena/Ramona Falls. Their debut album will be released next month. The band will tour later this year. Unfortunately, the show in Brussels is already sold out. I loved the title track Return to the Moon and Mr. Bowie watched their second video I’m The Man To Be twice. The National is one of my favourite bands. Mr. Bowie prefers EL VY.

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  1. I haven’t known these musicians, I am listening to them now 🙂 Thank you. I love both songs too. And also I didn’t know his interest with these musicians of Mr. Bowie 🙂 This is amazing photograph, how seriously watching and also listening! Thank you, great team, love, nia

    • Thank you so much, Nia! It was so funny, Mr. Bowie stayed in front of the screen and watched the videos again and again, without moving. He actually seemed to like this music.

      • Yes, cats even some other animals too, love to listen to the music… What do they understand or get we can’t know but make them to listen… But there are some music for example I know because of my Princess, she hates… her ears and her tail become so nervous… 🙂 Don’t ask what kind of music…. You are welcome, and Thank you, have a nice day there, love, nia

  2. They do “happy” music…….that’s the kind I like! Have a friend in Toronto who does “happy” music – Cat Forsley, lead singer with “As The City Rumbles Underneath”……something that makes me smile – these days we all need a smile!


    • It looked as if Mr. Bowie was moving his head with the music. But there’s a good chance he saw a little bird passing by in the video! Think I’m going to buy the album next month. It has been a long time since a band surprised me with good music. Now please, do not start a conversation about John Denver…!! 😉

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