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  1. And a happy Monday to Herman and Mr. Bowie! I think blueberry buckwheat pancakes and espresso are in order, a some cat treats for Mr. Bowie. Mr. Nano and crew send a big “Meow”!

    • I had toast with blueberry marmalade, no pancakes today! Mr. Bowie, a bit upset because I had to clean his ear, got extra treats.
      Mr. Bowie sends his regards to Mr. Nano and the crew! Have a nice day, Lavinia.

  2. Your presence is better than any presents Mr Bowie! Guess what? I’m traveling to London/Paris June 2016, koopt u een biertje? Bit of a drive but your highways are fast 😀

      • Herman!! speaking of Espresso, my boss gave me a Nespresso Machine today and the Milk Frother and said thank you for everything, and she really appreciates me…..have you ever? Like I’ve said b4, best place I’ve ever worked bar none!!

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