Hold On


Behind every dark cloud the sun still shines. So Mr. Bowie, maybe today you feel as if nothing for you is going right and everything is just going bad because you have to stay inside. Just remember you might think you have it bad, but some cats somewhere else have it worst than you do.

PS: weatherman says sun tomorrow. And pancakes!

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  1. Some poor cats don’t have inside to go to, and I feel bad for a couple feral ones around here as cold weather will come after a while. Mr. Bowie you’ll get to go out tomorrow, and Herman will have pancakes. Will there be some chocolate in the pancakes? And of course some good coffee to go this those. That is a neat shot of him. Have a good one Herman, and play music.

    • Thank you, my friend.
      I’m supporting a local cat shelter because my heart cries for all those homeless cats. Okay, maybe I’ll have to put this in perspective when you realise there’s a big refugee crisis in Belgium and Europe.

      I prefer Belgian candi sugar syrop on my pancakes, or brown sugar. Last time I tried maple syrup and I liked it too. Chocolate in the pancakes? I can go for that! 😉

      • We are getting news about the refugee crisis and how sad it all is.
        Some people put chocolate chips on their pancakes, and I thought maybe you did. Maple syrup is good, and I read that your temps don’t fluctuate enough to produce good sugar maple sap, so the syrup must not be easy to find there the way it is here. But you have your wonderful Belgian chocolate to make up for that. 🙂

  2. Pancakes and chocolate? Not so sure about that. Pancakes and maple syrup, well, that’s a horse of a different color. (Another colloquialism to baffle you with, this time an American one. Meaning — bring it, yahoo yes!!! Do you have maple syrup in Belgium? Or is that another Americanism?) I tell you what, though, in the interests of international cooperation: We have Jules Destrooper waffle-butter thins here and I eat at least two a day. For my health, you understand.

  3. Hey! I don’t think my first comment went through! Too bad. It was so brilliant. Well — the essential thing I wanted you to know is: We have Jules Destrooper butter thins here. That’s what I do, instead of pancakes. Pip pip Belgium!

    • No problemo, Bugs!
      We do have maple syrup in Belgium and guess what… I even like it! But I prefer Belgian candi sugar syrup or brown sugar on my pancakes. And sometimes even chocolate sauce!

      Jules Destrooper in the U.S. of A?!? Yeah!! Now we’re talking!

      • Excellent (except for the chocolate sauce. Yow). Never had candi sugar syrup, but am glad to know you’re getting your sugar fix in several different options. And how about that Jules Destrooper. Not just in the U.S. of A. — in the Arkansas U.S. of A.!! Who would have thought! And in several different varieties (ginger thins, almond thins, and the fabulous butter things). Plus one called virtuoso, I think? Not tried that one. Life is good.

        • Oh my goodness, Bugs… life is full of surprises! All those varieties of Jules Destrooper cookies in Arkansas… This must be heaven!

  4. What a beautiful silhouette you have my friend. I think you should treat yourself to some treats today. And Herman should have espresso and dark chocolate.

    • Mr. Bowie loves watching thunder and lightning too. And he doesn’t mind walking in the rain. But I don’t like a wet cat coming back inside my house. 😉

  5. That’s a fabulous photo, Herman. Tell Mr. Bowie that Gibbs and Ziva are a bit jealous of his free (but supervised) access to the outside in good weather. Gibbs was mad the other day when his time on the patio was cut short. He’d stay out there all day if I’d let him.

    • Thank you, Mary J.
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to Gibbs and Ziva! Mr. Bowie is a very lucky cat, having such a beautiful garden to enjoy.

  6. Love that photo Herman, Mr Bowie seems to be deep in thought. Thinking about tomorrows sun filled pancake morning perhaps. Hey! We now have a Nespresso Machine at work, which is your favourite pod? We also have the Nespresso milk frothing cup, it’s like sunshine on a rainy day x K

    • I got more favourites, Boomdee. I prefer a Linizio Lungo in the morning, followed by a Fortissimo Lungo. In the afternoon I’ll go for a Dulsão do Brasil or a Arpeggio (or a Roma).

  7. Sun here tomorrow too, but I’ll be inside looking out as usual. I don’t think I’d want to be a cat in those refugee camps. My human says pancakes are nice but waffles are better. =^,,^=

  8. You are a lucky mancat Mr. Bowie, the bad weather is only a temporary annoyance to endure. Imagine if you had to share your home with a woofie like we do!
    -Clove & Kaspars

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