Summer Is Gone


Dusty sings ‘And it looks like the summer is over.’ Over recent days the temperature dropped below 20 degrees Celsius and my seasonal affective disorder (SAD) kicked in. Summertime sadness. Winter blues. Nelly sings ‘All good things come to an end.’ So true.


I’m going to miss having breakfast and coffee outside on a beautiful morning. Just like last Sunday, when my sister joined me for a ristretto espresso. Inside the house, Mr. Bowie woke up from his nap and asked if he could join us for treats. Thank goodness Mr. Bowie helps me to get through this SAD story.

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  1. Who wouldn’t want Mr. Bowie’s company?! I wouldn’t survive my SAD without my fur babies, they’re far more effective than any lamps or medication. The power of the healing purr is pure science and love.

  2. Aw Mr Bowie is sooo cute!
    Your summer has come over to Little Monkey and me here in Cape Town! We need it now, but never fear, yours will return again in due course. In the meantime think of all the cosy winter things you can get up to, sitting by an open fire, toasting marshmallows 🙂

    • Thank you for this heartwarming comment, my friend! Toasting marshmallows? Yeah!! Enjoy your summer, Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  3. Mr. Bowie would cheer anyone up I think…..he’s so “at peace” with things, it makes for a calm and happy heart! Fall is creeping up on us here too…….bittersweet time of the year.


  4. Mr. Bowie you are so lovely 🙂 Yes, summer is being end in here too… And you know soon we will move again to the city. Ahhhhhhh! I hate city life… Your human Dad took a wonderful photographs, I wanted to caress you Mr. Bowie… Thank you, love, nia

    • Thank you, Nia! I don’t think Mr. Bowie would enjoy city life. He so happy in his garden. Have a nice weekend! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

  5. It’s starting to cool off here, but we usually have nice days for a couple more months as we go into Indian Summer. Enjoy to summer you have left. Is that an moth or other insect on the outside the window Mr Bowie is looking at in the first photo? I love the photos.

    • Thank you, Timothy! You got an eye for details, my friend! It’s a little feather of a bird moving with the wind. It kept Mr. Bowie busy for hours, inside and outside the house.

      • Isn’t it amazing what will keep a cat entertained. There is a stick laying on the floor in the house a few days ago. I picked it up and was about the throw it out when I felt claws tugging at my pants, I looked down and Spunk had the most pitiful “you’re not going to throw that out are you?” look on his face. I threw it back on the floor, and we’ve been stepping over it and kicking it around, but I noticed he was playing with it this morning.

        • Haha! I can see the picture. Mr. Bowie loves the little wires/cable clips around power cords. I have a special box with spare ones for Mr. Bowie if one get lost.

          • Laurie asked about Spunk’s stick that is still on the floor. I picked it up and Spunk ran over and sat at my feet looking up at me with a very worried look in is eyes. Laurie could see why I absolutely could not put the stick outside. She told Spunk he looked like a dog, so I threw the stick across the room and he fetched it. We had a good laugh over that.

    • Hooray for Mr. Bowie! I only like the winter as in the Concerto No. 4 in F minor, Op. 8, RV 297, “L’inverno” from Vivaldi!

  6. Can I have your cool weather and falling leaves? Here in Washington DC it is 90 F and feels like the inside of an infrequently cleaned locker room or a Chinese restaurant kitchen. I love the angling of the light in fall. Hint: get some refractive crystals (hexagonal or heart shaped ones are good) and hang them about six inches below the top frames of your windows. The winter light will fill your home with rainbows. Feng shui shops and the like sell them.

    • A Chinese restaurant kitchen…?? That doesn’t sound so bad… 😉
      Thanks for the refractive crystals hint, looks very interesting!

  7. I can believe that Mr. Bowie is a great joy for you during the darkest days of winter! I am blessed with two kitties to get me through the winter days, and can’t imagine how dull life would be without them now.

  8. I’m so glad you have Mr. Bowie to make you smile a bit. We are still warm out here and are hoping for a very wet winter. It’s very dry and we’re in a severe drought. I’m so glad we have Mr. Bowie too…he ALWAYS makes me smile Herman. I really adore this blog!

  9. dood….frank lee we iz glad ta see summer go….BURDZ fly south for de winter…HOORAY !!!!! 🙂

    N we noe yur de best kinda cure ….for any kinda blooz ….yur dad has ~~~~

    heerz two a owens pupfish kinda week oh end ♥♥♥ { that meens…. haza grate week oh end }

  10. It’s not good that it must always end, but I would think too that a special friend like Mr. Bowie would help some with the SAD effects. And now you’re ready to do bigger things with your music, which I hope helps. And you have a light box, don’t you? Best wishes to you going into this season.

    • Thank you! Playing music is always more fun during the winter. Summer is good for having ice cream in the garden! And growing vegetables, of course. 😉

  11. Hi Herman, we are getting colder and darker days here too. I love the photos of Mr. Bowie! Cat treats, and Herman treats are recommended for SAD. Stay warm, and have breakfast in front of the sliding doors. As much light as possible, and Mr. Bowie will enjoy the company!

    • It was a little feather of a bird that captured Mr. Bowie’s interest. And of course, he wanted a treat because we were having chocolates with our espressos!

      Oh no Mary, please… don’t mention the winter cold!

    • Hehe… it was a little unclear with all these names! 😉
      Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

      PS: weatherman says sun for the next days! Let’s enjoy it while it lasts.

  12. Remember that song by Terry Jacks? ‘Seasons in the Sun” I hadn’t thought about it for years, but just now, it popped in my head. While not about summer at all, it was about saying goodbye and we’ve said goodbye to summer in Edmonton too. Overnight lows are now in the single digits. But it’s not officially over until I put my flip-flops away and that my friend hasn’t happened yet. I think Mr Bowie is thinking about getting up and outside while there’s still a hint of warmth, but maybe a little nap first.

  13. Oh I am so sorry you are afflicted by SAD.

    Isn’t it terribly tragic that cooler temperatures and overcast days wreck havoc in some people like you while hot summer days with lots of sunshine do it for people like me?

    I pray for the end of summer so I am not ill but the end of summer makes you ill instead.

    I wish many warm and sunny days for you

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