Moving Up


Dishes on the table. Dinner is ready for the Great Grey Hunter. Climbing the social ladder is possible with the right mentality and willpower. There are some shortcuts, like catching a mouse in the house of the human.

40 responses

  1. Ahha, a mouse in the house of the human, caught by the great hunter. Did he “present” it to you, or just leave it there as a surprise for you to find? Good job, Mr. Bowie!

    • Haha! Yes, he caught another one yesterday morning. It’s going to be hard to get inside my house if you’re a mouse.

  2. Herman, is this a second mouse or more about the one in “Great Grey Hunter”? My friends in England are getting ready for winter already. Are the mice doing the same?

    • I think the mice are looking for a cool place because it’s still relative warm outside. Mr. Bowie just caught another one, yesterday morning.

  3. I think there’s a song in that last sentence. When he starts making you rat salads, then you’ll really know where you stand. I love the photo. It’s like B&W in color.

  4. I’ve never caught a mouse but I did catch a dragonfly a couple weeks ago. Everything that was on counters or tables ended up on the floor…my what a clean looking table you’re on…what’s on the floor Mr. Bowie? MOL =^,,^=

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