The Great Grey Hunter


Intruder. Letting some fresh air inside your house each morning is always a good idea. But what about the intruder entering the house through a back window? That’s no problem for Mr. Bowie, the Great Grey Hunter.

Live and let live — that’s my motto. I wanted to get a live trap so I could set the poor thing free but Mr. Bowie was way too fast for me. Meanwhile, Mr. Nano the Great White Hunter says that Mr. Bowie has a special membership in the Boys of Salmon Brook Farm Club, the Belgian Division. Thank you so much! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

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  1. I guess Mr. Bowie doesn’t get much chance to practice those hunting skills. On the other hand as happened with us once, a mouse who ventures in to a house with the scent of cat is pushing it’s luck. There was not a mark on it, I think the boys scared it to death and were very disappointed I wouldn’t let them have their :”snack”.

  2. We live next to a cow pasture, so mice are always finding their way to our house. We never knew Callie was a mouser till she came bringing me one as a gift. Now we can always tell when she catches one because she has this little victory cry. She is so proud.

    • I got another ‘gift’ from Mr. Bowie this morning. It’s so funny they always bring their prey home as a present for you.

    • Now that would be a real surprise! Mr. Bowie stays indoor at night but he’s outside until 11 pm. It was the first time he caught a mouse in the morning.

  3. Many years ago, I had a cat that brought a wood rat into the house…as a gift for me.
    I tried to look happy and appreciative, but…EGADS! There are some presents that need to be immediately returned to the place they came from. 😉

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