Medical Check Up 2015


Doctor doctor, gimme the news. Today, I took Mr. Bowie for an annual medical check-up to Renate, another experienced and brilliant vet working at Venhei, a Veterinary Hospital. Just like Frédéric last year, she performed some medical tests for Mr. Bowie’s comprehensive medical check-up concerning his ear problem. Renate ensured me that Mr. Bowie’s health is on track.

Right now, it’s important for Mr. Bowie to take time to relax when he’s recovering from the stress after this traumatic event. Vanilla ice cream, Mr. Bowie?

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  1. Congratulations on such good news! I had missed you for a few days; somehow WordPress had dropped you from my follow list. You weren’t appearing in my Reader so I came to investigate why not, cos I don’t want to miss any posts about my friends across the pond!

  2. I’m just smiling at this whole exchange, comments and all. And I love bread-loaf Mr. Bowie. He looks quite content, patiently anticipating the ice cream no doubt.

    • Ja! Nu start ik binnen enkele dagen met het mixen van de nieuwe voeding. Ben benieuwd naar het resultaat… Die uitleg heb ik maar niet in het Engels gedaan!

    • Ik moet wel switchen van voeding omwille van zijn probleempje, weet je wel… Met zijn oortje was de toestand nog steeds hetzelfde maar ik moet er wel af en toe extra druppels in doen.
      Mokka ijs… nog bijna een volle doos!

  3. Good news about your great check up. Milk the recovery thing for all it’s worth Mr. Bowie – then give a lot of love \to Herman for taking such good care of you. You’re a very lucky cat.

  4. Good news for Mr. Bowie. Yay! In regard to his ice cream, I think a nice catnip pesto sauce would cap it off. He would forget all about that stupid car ride to the stupid vet.

  5. Glad to hear that Mr.Bowie’s medical report is perfect. My cat Moshu has issues with her ears as well, she gets so mad at my when I try to give her the treatments. Do you give Mr.Bowie flea treatments in summer? Have a sunny weekend with lots of vanilla ice cream, yum.

    • Thank you, Cornelia!
      Thank goodness I can treat Mr. Bowie’s ear without any problems. He even seems to like it. I don’t give him flea treatments, only a deworming treatment once a year. There were a lot of cats in my life and there was never a flea problem.

  6. Oh dear, Mr Bowie is displaying that “I am not amused” look. Well icecream should patch things up nicely I should think. Glad to hear all is on track, carry on then xo B

    • Thank you, Boomdee! Ice cream can fix many problems, in my case with extra chocolate sauce, please…

  7. Mr. Bowie is looking good! I think vanilla ice cream is in order! Plain for Mr. Bowie, and with extra chocolate sauce for Herman.

    Mr. Nano doesn’t like his checkups either….

    • Thank you, Lavinia! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!” to Mr. Nano, he understands him completely…
      Mr. Bowie loves the car rides, but not if we’re taking the route to the Vet.

      PS: concerning the chocolate sauce, I followed your advice…

    • I think cats can read the minds of the humans. Mr. Bowie seems to know when I want ice cream for myself…

  8. Glad to hear that Mr. Bowie is in good health! Looks like he wasn’t impressed with the visit though… Compensation (ice cream ?) is definitely required.

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