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    • Thank you, Nancy. I needed a break to avoid ear fatigue when mixing a song in the studio. I took the camera and an espresso (no chocolate, still too hot in this part of the world) outside in the garden…

    • Thank you, Timothy. I didn’t notice the bee in the first photo. I was following and concentrating on the butterfly. It was afterwards on the computer that I saw the bee. Guess I was lucky…

  1. Absolutely glorious…….love both lavandula and butterflies which, thankfully, we can often capture at the same time in a photo – these though are extra gorgeous!


    • Thank you, Joanne! Thank goodness Mr. Bowie leaves the butterflies alone… He used to chase them when he was Baby Bowie, 5 years ago…

  2. Beautiful photos, Herman! Glad you got in some garden time with an espresso. For me it’s a good cup of iced Rooibus tea in hot weather. Mr. Bowie staying cool? Iced catnip tea for Mr. Bowie!

    • Thank you, Lavinia! Lately, Mr. Bowie spends a lot of time indoors during the daytime. He goes outside late in the evening. Thank goodness it’s going to be a lot cooler from tomorrow.

  3. Je ziet Bowie er zijn nog veel volgers gecharmeerd door de Dagpauwoog en de Distelvlinder en ik vind het kunst!

    • Aha… Een distelvlinder! Dat was die onbekende deugniet… Bedankt voor de info en het opzoekwerk.

    • Thank you, Julie! There were so many bees on the lavender, you just couldn’t take a photograph without a bee in it…

  4. Herman these are lovely! I meant to tell you that the Canon 100mm Macro lens f/2.8 is an excellent lens for both macro and portraiture. It is said to be unrivalled for its sharpness.

  5. Super nice camera work Herman. I can see their anteni so clearly. Isn’t it amazing that they live two lives, once as a catepillar and once as a butterfly? If we could do the same, It’d be kinda neat if we could do the same.

    • Thank you, Boomdee! Living two lives would mean more espressos and chocolate for me… What a wonderful world this would be!

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