Newsflash #9


Today I noticed something wonderful. Four years ago, I planted a Magnolia grandiflora tree in the garden. This week, the beautiful white flowers appeared for the first time. This just made my day and made me happy!


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  1. That happened with a cherry tree I put in the ground as a pathetic twig in 2002 — suddenly in 2005 it was taller than the roof line and loaded. Still can’t get many cherries though. It’s such a good feeling.

  2. Those flowers have such a wonderful fragrance and the tree itself is attractive, with shiny leaves. There are a few of them in my area, tho it’s a little too cold for them here and we mostly see them to the south. Also, the seed pods are very unusual and if you don’t know about them, you’ll have a treat in store watching them form. Be sure to dig the red seeds out of one of them when they’re drying.

  3. Beautiful! It is so innocent now…small and pretty. Just wait till it gets huge and becomes a monster that drops hard pods onto the ground and you trip over them LOL.

  4. How beautiful! It’s funny how it took four years but sometimes trees need time to settle in. I have three magnolias in my garden and one is over 100 years old and towers over the house. When it’s in bloom, it’s like living in heaven 🙂

  5. Congratuations! Exquisite shots of an exquisite bloom. It is such a wonderful feeling to have waited patiently for years and finally get your reward from nature. This morning I put the first handful of blackberries from my bush into my smoothie. Three years but now I am soooo happy.

  6. Vier jaar geleden volgden we vol spanning je tuinblog, vandaag ben ik blij dat Bowie het heugelijke nieuws mag komen melden van de super mooie bloem!!!!!

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