Heat Wave Part 2


Turn up the speed, human! When overheated, a cat may act sluggish and suffer significant performance loss. Turning up the fan speed will increase the airflow, helping your cat cool down.

36 responses

  1. We use the same technique here Herman. I’m sure Mr. Bowie follows the cat protocol of long siestas in a shaded spot in hot weather as well. No mad dashing about in the heat for cats.

    • It looks like the temperatures will drop mid next week… Looking forward to having temperatures below 30 degrees Celsius…

  2. Stay cool with a little artistic license from Smooth:

    Man, it’s a hot one
    Like seven inches from the midday sun
    Well, I hear you purring like the fan, to melt everyone
    Bowie you stay so cool
    My gatita, my British Shorthair, Mona Lisa
    You’re the reason for reason
    You’re Hot and so smooth

    • Unfortunately, we can’t work in the studio because it’s way too hot in there. Otherwise we would be working on a new song with your lyrics…

      We need ice cream, right NOW…!!

      • Not my lyrics — I made a few modifications! Rob Thomas wrote the original lyrics to Smooth and performed it with Santana. It’s a great cha cha cha.

        • Great song, checked it out on YouTube. I recognised the song but Rob Thomas was new to me. The song sounds good on this hot night… Love that guitar sound from Santana…

          • I figured you would recognize the song once you heard it. The title doesn’t seem to fit the song to me, even though he sings “you’re so smooth!” I’ve never been a big fan of Santana or his signature guitar sound, but I love “Smooth” — it’s like the perfect mix of vocal, guitar and cha cha cha rhythm!

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