Heat Wave


It’s like a heat wave, burnin’ in my heart. If the forecasters are correct this week will see the first heatwave of the summer in this part of the world. A widespread, long-lasting heat wave will spread across much of Europe. Temperatures are set to soar above 30 degrees Celsius this week.

The front of my house with large windows faces the south, so I’m trying to reduce the solar heat gain by closing the drapes. I think Mr. Bowie doesn’t like the look of curtains closed.

Keep your pets safe and cool in the summer. Mr. Bowie gets plenty of fresh, clean water. I prefer something else…

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  1. The long side of my house faces east and I use curtains as a tool too; keeping the light out in the heat and letting it all in in the cold. MaChatte pushes them aside to look out too. Keep cool and drink lots of that………whatever it is that’s cool! Mr. Bowie will probably take long naps.

  2. Stay cool, Herman and Mr. Bowie! Some iced catnip tea for today! It was 92 degrees here yesterday. Looks like August out there where we are. Mr. Nano says stretching out on the floor is the coolest place.

    • Mr. Nano is a wise cat. It looks like Mr. Bowie is following his advice. He stays indoors during the day…

  3. Stay indoors! The heat wave hasn’t come here yet… We are still between spring and summer days… But I hate hot summer days. Stay cool, Thanks and Love, nia

  4. Kitties don’t like closed drapes. But a man’s gotta do what a man’s gotta do to keep cool.

  5. We are very cool here right now but earlier it was quite nasty high humidity as well as heat. My gang are lucky to have windows on the shaded side of the house and are spoiled by bubbling kitty fountains in the bedroom and kitchen. Tell Mr. Bowie there will be nothing stirring out in that heat, dusk is a better time for looking out the window. A good time for you to join him with a cup of coffee. Stay cool..

    • Thank you, Angela. It seems your cats are very lucky. We will follow your advice…
      Bubbling kitty fountains… looks very good!

  6. Ditto here on the fresh water for the cat and alternative refreshment for ME……it’s cooled down here a bit thanks to the daily rain but overall – it’s going to be a long, hot summer for sure!


  7. Take care! I know my cats don’t like it when I take away their window views, but they’ve destroyed enough venetian blinds now that I know to leave a little room at the bottom for them to nose their way onto that favorite window sill where they can watch birds in the fir tree!

  8. And we are having rain in July…. the cats can’t decide if they want to be outside taking a shower or indoors in front of the fan.

  9. We empathize Mr. Bowie…mama won’t let us out on the porch if it is too hot 😦 . She also draws the curtains and shades inside…perhaps you could come and play with us?! Bagheera & Dylan

  10. It’s too hot ! I live up in a top room and the roof has just absorbed all the heat from the day and it’s basically a greenhouse.

  11. Trying to send my rain your way. My kitties love watching rain fall. Weather is difficult for animals. They can’t just cool off by taking a cold shower. Though they can warm up by diving under your covers! 😉

    • Thank you, Ellie. Mr. Bowie is staying indoors today. They just said on the radio today will be the hottest day of the year so far…

    • Mr. Bowie stays indoors today. It’s way too hot right now… He can go for a walk when it’s dark.

    • Looking around I can see a lot of vampires living in the neighbourhood… Better rush to the store for garlic…

  12. Right now It is very hot here too
    But…Oh…it is hard for a cat to guard his domain with the curtains closed.
    Because of that, I got a few holes poked in my curtains and blinds too over time.

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