Cat on a Wire


Just another day at the studio. An attempt is being made to untie this Gordian knot by Mr. Bowie, the studio technician. How many cables do I need to record a pop song?

49 responses

  1. Gosh…..that looks like a major challenge in the “untying” department! Knowing Mr. Bowie is a mighty fine studio tech I’m sure he’ll get that sorted for you ASAP.


    • 25…?! I hope you are right about this question! But hey, you made me already think about Christmas on a hot summer day… Thank you, Mary J.

  2. Can’t see the look on Mr. Bowie’s face but it seems as though he’s thinking hard. I’m sure he has a plan, cats are very skilled in unwinding yarn balls and finding the one thread or string that will unravel a whole garment. I think Mr. Bowie is all the cat you need to write a pop song, tech support, talent and inspiration all in one handsome package.

  3. Gah, Looks like my garden hose the other day 😀 Good Luck with that mess Mr Bowie. Once you got that figured out, I have a rubics cube that’s been messed up since the late 70’s 😀 xo K

  4. It looks like “…the cat’s in the cables and no silver spoon… Just a gray Mr. Bowie, where’s the man in the moon?” 😉 And it doesn’t look like nearly enough cables to record a pop song.

    • Ha ha ha… Thanks for that nice tune that’s buzzing in my head right now…
      If you’ll excuse me, I have to go to the music store to buy more cables…

  5. Mr. Nano says Mr. Bowie needs some velcro cable ties like the ones he uses to help me keep my cables sorted out in my gig bag… 🙂

    I think little Nod is in a tie with Lucio for leading cat vocalist here on the farm. They are all waiting for Mr. Bowie’s no. 1 hit so they can do a cover!

    • Thank you, Mr. Nano, great idea of using some velcro cable ties. I admit that I have been neglecting this flight case since I stopped doing live gigs.

      We’re still working on that no. 1 hit, Lavinia. Day and night, and we’re letting the good times roll…

    • I do not understand how they always coming out of that box completely tangled up… I think the Gremlins are responsible for this mystery…

  6. Oh dear! I have a box of cables much like that. Many powered devices no longer in this realm, but I am not sure which ones they are. Can’t toss anything in case it actually is one I need…! Hope Mr. Bowie had an easier time sorting through your tangle of cables!

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