Bees in trouble. Counting bumblebees is a mental exercise used in some cat cultures as a means of lulling oneself to sleep. Unfortunately, some of the species of bumblebee and honeybee are in big trouble in this part of the world. We should help bumblebees and honeybees by planting some of their favourite flowers in our gardens.

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  1. Yes, my brother is a beekeeper in Tennessee and has for decades been stewarding these amazing creatures that are such a key part of life’s biological fabric on this planet. We often keep the bees in our thoughts, wishing them well.
    Bowie is such a “watcher”! Love him.

  2. I enjoy watching bees but know to keep a “respectful” distance while observing! This year we’re seeing more bumblebees than ever before – which is a good thing…..! Enjoy your observations Mr. Bowie………from a distance of course.

    Hugs, Sammy

    • More bumblebees than before… that’s very good news! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”, from a safe distance…

  3. Now what is that flower? The same plant lives in my garden and I’ve never bothered to look up what it is! If only I’d known to ask Mr. Bowie!

  4. Totally love this post. I’m waiting for my swamp milkweed to bloom. Soon. Your post inspires me to put up a picture when this happens. I planted it for the bees. Yay bees and Mr. Bowie.

  5. The bees give us so much of our food. They are in trouble over here too. I didn’t know that cats counted them like we count sheep. Mr. Bowie often teaches us something! 🙂

  6. I love the photo! We have lots and lots of flowers and flowering plants the bees love. Fortunately they rarely sting when they are foraging, because I have to go into the middle of a stand of tall lamb’s ear with hundreds of honey bees feeding off the purple flowers to hook up water to one of the drip systems. The bees bounce off me and I can feel their little wings buzzing up and down my bare arms as I bend over in the foliage to find the connection and hook it up.

    We kept bees for years and years when I was younger, but after my grandmother moved to Kansas, and the local bee guy who we got supplies from died, we sold the hives to other beekeepers. My dad was allergic to bee stings and didn’t want to mess with them anymore.

    We’ve thought about getting more bees, but there are a lot of hives in the area, so we haven’t made it a priority.

    • Thank you, Tim.
      Thank you for your interesting story. When I grew up there were a lot of beekeepers in our village. Unfortunately, when they grew old (and died) nobody took over their jobs. Nowadays I have to buy my honey in a supermarket. I miss the days of getting fresh honey from the local beekeepers in the neighbourhood…

  7. Mr. Bowie is so wise and handsome. I have two Van Houtte spirea that I nursed back to glory this spring but I think I will have to find some like yours, Herman, they are lovely.. The pink complements Mr. Bowie’s fur very well. I have lots of flowers in my yard and no chemicals. So I get lots of bees and fireflies too.

  8. Mr. Bowie is deep in thought over this plight of the bees. He is glad you keep a good garden!

    A source of cool water in hot weather is a good thing for bees, too.

  9. The other day a bee was buzzing around in my living room, quickly I rescued her out to the sunshine, before Moshu would wake up from her well deserved cat nap……oh no drama in my house over such a beautiful creature.

  10. What a lovely photo and post. My garden can now be considered a “corridor” for Merri Creek and therefore most attractive for all flora and fauna but I must check if we are Bee friendlyand how we can be more so. ❤

  11. This Spring the bee population arrived here early and we had not seen many bumble bees in th east five years. This year we have a huge number roof them and they are still here now that the summer sun has the sweet grass buds for the bees to populate in.

  12. We have severe problems with bees here too, it’s very troubling. If I had a garden I would plant all kinds of bee-friendly flowers. Hopefully Mr. Bowie will steer clear of the bees!

    • Mr. Bowie prefers spiders for breakfast!
      Let’s hope the problems with bees will be solved soon… They are such lovely creatures.

  13. Counting bee’s can’t bee to easy…hehe.
    What a beautiful bee counting kitty you are Mr Bowie. I get so excited to have bumble bees in the garden. They love my rose bush. I’ve been filling up the garden this year just for this reason. I also hung a humming bird feeder but no luck so far. Any advice Mr Bowie? x K

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