How to make yourself yawn. It’s great when a plant not only makes your garden look better, but also contributes to your health. Many plants are known to soothe and calm. In a recent study, performed by Mr. Bowie, the smell from lavender got very high marks in improving the quality of sleep.

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  1. Super mooie foto, ik heb in Frankrijk zakjes lavendel gekregen van vrienden van ons Nele en sindsdien ligt er een zakje onder mijn hoofdkussen, naar het schijnt slaap je dan beter 🙂 .

  2. Hmmm! Mr Bowie looks like a Moray eel protecting his lavender. Great shot however you look at it.

  3. Wow, a great picture and I’m so glad he’s a good friendly cat with all those teeth! You don’t often get such a good shot of such a mouthful of teeth. Have a great and restful weekend, Herman and Mr. Bowie.

    • Thank you, my dear friend! Looking at those teeth, you better not mess with Mr. Bowie…
      Hope you have a wonderful time in your garden!

  4. Beautiful teeth, Mr. Bowie! Mr. Nano is very impressed! 🙂

    Yes, lavender is a wonderful plant. I use a few drops of the oil mixed in with Epsom salts and warm water for soaking aching human feet. Good after a hard day’s work.

  5. Mr. Bowie, master herbalist. Lavender for soothing sleep, catnip for a pck-me-up. It’s an incredible shot you caught Herman, chocolate and espresso must improve the reflexes.

  6. Oh, ha ! At first I thought maybe your dad told a wicked good joke. If you’re still awake, what do you call a pile of kittens? A meowtain……snicker xo B

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