Happy at Work


I’m happy! Mr. Bowie, my studio technician, asked me if there was room for a new box. He knows I’m keeping an eye on our studio budget. A positive work environment makes employees feel good about coming to work, and this provides the motivation to sustain them throughout the day and night. Keeping your employees happy and productive doesn’t have to be difficult.

Guess Mr. Bowie was lucky this time because I needed a Lexicon MX400 Reverb/Effect Processor. So, in the end everybody is happy. Right, Mr. Bowie?

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  1. Nothing like a new reverb and special effects unit to get your studio bumping along. Fortunately, Mr. Bowie can get the same amount of good vibes and special effects with the box and packing materials that the MX400 came in. Oh no! I think I feel a song coming on:

    “400 kitty vibrations
    the same amount of purring sensations!
    Oh oh oh! Kitty vibrations!”

    What a way to start the day β€” super strong coffee, chocolate and Hands on Bowie! πŸ™‚

    • Glad you liked this post, Tim!
      And thank you so much for the nice lyrics. I’m already working on a new song as we speak! πŸ˜‰

      Have a nice day! Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

      PS: enjoy your coffee and chocolate!

  2. Would all labor negociations go so smoothly. Then again, Mr. Bowie is the ideal support staff. Have fun with your toys, boys.

  3. So during the day Mr. Bowie is your studio technician and at night the Safety Guard for the studio, did I get that right? Well, Master, that position is calling for a hefty raise, like for example, salmon flavored cat nip!! Hehe.

  4. I can speak cat, when the neighborhood cats hear me meow at them 60% of them come to me but the other part just stare at me like I’m mad and scoot away from me. πŸ™‚

    • Ha ha ha… I tried it myself, it seems only Mr. Bowie knows what I’m saying. The neighbourhood cats just run away! πŸ™‚

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