The new girlfriend. Last October, Glippie, the beautiful little kitty of my best friends son passed away. A few weeks ago, a new and strange cat walked right into their home and decided to stay! My friend checked out the neighbourhood and the local Vet to see if someone was missing a cat. Nobody lost a cat so the little one got a new home. They called her Spotty. Welcome home, little girl. Mr. Bowie says “Meow!”

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  1. Some things were just MEANT to be……Spotty was meant to fill the hearts of your best friend’s son and family and maybe Mr. Bowie has a new girl in his life too?? She’s quite beautiful…….

    Pam and Sam

  2. This beautiful cat just appeared and announced that she was home now, good. I bet the whole family is happy to have Spotty as a family member. She has such nice markings.

  3. A home needing a cat and a cat needing a home, problem solved. She has that same calico pattern as my Dolly, white around the neck and shoulders and the little “hat” of color on her ears and top of her head. I am happy for both parties.

  4. Wonderful ! She looks like she’s been on the road for a while and now sits cozy in a home with love. Isn’t it interesting that her colours are so similar as Glippie? Maybe an old soul has found his way back? xo B

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