Don’t Mess With…


Don’t mess with the bull… Blackbirds are usually welcome in the garden, until they become a nuisance. Besides making an ugly mess of things, they must stay out of the catnip plantation. Mr. Bowie must send out a very tough and unequivocal signal and must take action.

“Don’t mess with the catnip, you’ll get the claws.” – Mr. Bowie

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  1. You can eat my keeper’s chocolate, you can drink his dark cafe, but if you go messing with my nippin’ plants, I’ll scratch your pretty face! Just keep your hands, and your paws, and your beaks and your bills off my catnip leaves!

      • That was Mr. Bowie’s song. Cats will let anyone have our chocolate. You can sing

        “You can chew on Bowie’s catnip, and scratch in his litter box., but if you go a messing with my Zaabär loot, you’ll end up biting my boot. You may think you’re feeling lucky, but you won’t get very far. Keep your hands, keep your paws of my chocolate bars.” 🙂

        • Ha ha ha…!! This is really fantastic. Thank you again for these great lyrics I can use in one of my songs… 🙂

  2. I believe in Mr. Bowie. Yesterday someone sent me a video containing three separate clips of cats chasing black bears off their property. I hope you don’t have any bears though!

  3. I can just hear Mr. Bowie in his best Eastwood voice, “Are ya feeling lucky, blackbird?”. That stare should let anyone know Mr. Bowie means business.

    • You have entered dangerous ground when you’re in Mr. Bowie’s catnip area, Elisa… Better watch out!

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