It’s springtime. The garden is coming to life again, with many beautiful things blooming. Yeah! It’s the most wonderful time of the year. Come and celebrate the sunshine with Mr. Bowie.

Meanwhile, Mr. Bowie’s checking out all the plant to see if they are related with Nepeta cataria, a species of the genus Nepeta in the Lamiaceae family, commonly known as catnip.

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  1. Since my cats don’t get to go outdoors, they have to settle for mint and grass I grow inside. I don’t let them see Mr. Bowie’s blog in case they realize how deprived they are for not being let outside in the garden!

  2. Oh boy! He found one of the catnip plants that survived the winter? That’s great…..I bet you know where you’ll find Mr. Bowie when he’s out in the garden from now on……haha

    Pam and Sam

  3. Me again! Forgot to mention that an addition to your garden of a pelargonium tomentosum “chocolate mint” (it’s a scented geranium) would be nice. They have a lovely chocolate aroma……and you know how nice THAT scent is! Not sure it’s available where you are but worth a search. Mr. Bowie may not like it as much as YOU would though…………… 😉


  4. I’m so glad Mr. Bowie is getting some sun. We aren’t seeing much. It’s very wet outside so the garden is not much temptation for cats. Which is good, the catnip is getting a chance to grow big before someone rolls on it.

  5. He is a happy cat and they’re the best kind. He’ll find catnip if there’s any more out there. This shot shows us how beautiful his coat is, like you could sink your fingers way down in his fur. Happy weekend!

  6. Now that is a lovely sight 🙂 want to try some coriander (cilantro) too if you get a nip head Cleo goes even wilder for it ..hence why i have to buy it to cook with..she crushes the plants as soon as i pop them in the ground 🙂

  7. Nothing like the smell of new green shoots in spring, Mr. Bowie! Our catnip is already about 4 inches high, and producing nice aromatic bunches of leaves for the cat crew.

  8. Lucky for Mr. Bowie that his catnip comes back again. Here catnip is considered an annual. I’ve tried to get plants to grow back, but our winters are too cold. You are lucky, Mr. Bowie, where you live!! Count your Blessings! Love, Amy

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