A Cool Head


Now I know how Mr. Bowie manages to keep such a cool head in such a hectic, stressful world!

‘Being cool is being like Mr. Bowie, not doing something that someone else is telling you to do.’ – Mr. Bowie

48 responses

    • Thank you, Mary J.
      That’s one of his favourite places in the garden, but he got more places to hide or nap…

  1. Nice shot Herman. I like how you caught the subtle reflection of the red leaves and brick on Mr. Bowie’s coat. I’ll bet that brick warms up nicely Mr. Bowie but you are as cool as Steve McQueen.

    • I was still sitting in the sunshine at that moment. But hey, I guess it’s a different story if you’re wearing a thick fur like Mr. Bowie… 😉

  2. That’s a wonderful attitude, Mr. Bowie. Now, do you have any thoughts about how to do that without feeling guilty. Obviously, you do not feel guilty about being yourself and keeping your own council but you are a cat. I think we humans are getting better at “being ourselves” without the stress of feeling that we SHOULD be paying attention to those other voices but much of our stress does come from this conditioning that it’s somehow not OK to just be ourselves and ‘do our own thing.” Thank you for leading the way and showing us a good example. Many kind meows, Alia

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