Father, Daughter and Son


Can I have a chocolate egg? – Black & White Photo Challenge, Day 5. This is my last contribution to the Photo Challenge. It’s another shot from our family celebration on Easter at my Dad’s place. I love my family.

I was invited to participate in this challenge by Gin from Darwin On The Rocks And Around The World. Thank you, Gin, I had a great time. Mr. Bowie will be back in the next post, if he wants to join us…

36 responses

  1. My Princess, my cat, she is so jealousy about my family… what about Mr.Bowie 🙂 This is great family photograph, Blessing them all. Thank you, have a nice day, love, nia

    • Yes! Mr. Bowie is very popular, the kids adore him. But he’s also happy when everybody’s gone… 😉

  2. Sorry you lost your brother Herman but he left a wonderful legacy. I do miss Mr. Bowie but your people photographs really capture character so well. You can tell your nephew is a great Dad.

    • Thank you so much, Angela! We can see a lot of the good qualities of my brother in his son. He’s a wonderful guy.

  3. Such a heartwarming photo. Thanks for sharing. The children are beautiful. I am sure you treasure each moment you share with them. .

  4. Hello from Washington DC and belated Easter Greetings Herman and Mr Bowie. I love your candid photo of your loved ones. True and natural, fabulous! x B

  5. These are some very precious memories you have captured…what a great looking family. 🙂 I think I need some chocolate now to get rid of the “onion effects” 🙂 . Take care!

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