Low Pressure


A region of heavy showers with good sunny spells in between. An area of low pressure moving from Scotland in this direction. Thank you.

Mr. Bowie’s enjoying the sunshine while it lasts. I’m soaking in all these small moments. Life is short, enjoy every moment as it comes.

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  1. Mr. Bowie looks like he is having a Zen moment in his rock garden. It was 76 here yesterday, Herman. Unusual weather for this time of year. Wild cherries, plums and crab apples in bloom, already! The big Black Tartarian cherry tree is still thinking about it…. 🙂

  2. Light snow furries here this morning, the kind my grandfather called “poor man’s fertilizer”. It is -3C and a day for coffee and looking out not going out, I think. At least your catnip is getting watered, Mr. Bowie. I hope it grows nice and big.

    • Checked the catnip and yes, it’s growing! Mr. Bowie will be pleased…
      Great expresion of your grandfather. Thank goodness the snow is gone in this part of the world…

  3. He is deep in meditation…..what cat treat will I be getting, and should I get a few bites of catnip……….Life is short, Herman and we need to savor every moment. ❤

  4. You and Bowie are getting early April showers. We need the rain here, so I wouldn’t mind if you told the rain clouds to back up a couple of continents and an ocean. Rain is good for green grass! 🙂

    • Wish we could send you the rain clouds, that would be nice for both of us…

      PS: rain is also good for catnip! 😉

    • Thank you, Marty! Today it doesn’t stop raining and Mr. Bowie is sleeping on my bed… Have a nice day!

  5. No signs of Spring here yet…….still quite cold and brown with no shades of green……we’re WAITING patiently (sort of). Meanwhile I console myself with dark chocolate……….


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