It’s a Miracle


It’s alive! Much to my and Mr. Bowie’s surprise, one catnip plant is alive! Meteorologists knew an eclipse could lower temperatures within this shadow by as much as 3 degrees Celsius (5 degrees Fahrenheit). But so far, they couldn’t confirm anecdotal reports of changes in dead catnip plants. Catnip die-hards, like Mr. Bowie, are eager to test fresh plants.


“In catnip I sense the miracle of life.” – Mr. Bowie

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  1. We look forward to flowers and colors in spring, and the kitties look forward to catnip. All is right with the world.

    • Oh yes, Debra. Spring is my favourite season. Everything in my garden comes back to life, the fresh green colours, the flowers… I love it!

    • Thank you, Letizia. It is really a little miracle. The catnip looked dead and gone last week but after the eclipse… 😉

    • Ha ha ha… That is a fantastic post, Timothy! You made my day! The kitties take their job very serious…

    • Thank you, Ellie. Glad you liked the post. Well, it felt like a little miracle, last week it looked as if the catnip was dead, but today it’s alive and kicking…

  2. No wonder they thought cats could do magic. I know Mr. Bowie has bewitched many of us, but reviving the dead, even if only a catnip plant, now that’s magic! Very happy for you both.

    • Thank you, Angela. I believe it was a little miracle! I would place a cat in every ambulance for life saving equipment… 😉

  3. Mr. Bowie is inhaling! 🙂 Our catnip plant never quite died back all winter, and has started a healthy round of growth again, much to the cats’ delight. It’s good to see those green shoots and leaves at winter’s end.

    • Oh yes, I love this time of the year. Spring is my favourite season. The Pennesetum grasses are starting to grow and the Photinia trees are showing buds. I’m so glad winter is over…

  4. Hooray! Catnip survives the eclipse and Mr. Bowie now can have nip! Can’t do without nip, now can we, just as we humans can’t do with chocolate. Or at least some of us. I noticed in the comments chocolate was mentioned a lot and I LOVED Timothy’s comment as well. Wishing I could come up with such a clever comment this morning but my stomach is growling for food so the brain is not sparking so well. *sighs* Now on to eat! Have a great nip day, Mr. Bowie. Love, Amy

  5. I believe catnip is a strong plant. Mr. Bowie will have catnip….but Herman will have to keep his supply of dark chocolate well stocked. Happiness all around.

    • Maybe we’ll find chocolate bars in a tree next Easter Sunday… It’s a family tradition to search for chocolate eggs on that day! 🙂

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