Ready for Spring


Getting the garden ready for spring. Spring is the busiest time of year in the garden. It’s also a great time to start planning and preparing your garden. The first and possibly most important spring garden task is to clean up the garden. After you clean up, and before you plant, it’s time to amend the soil.

We could certainly do with a paw, Mr. Bowie…


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    • We, or should I say, they are almost finished. It’s looking real good out there. Mr. Bowie is ready to check it out…

  1. How timely Herman. I am off this morning to the Tractor Supply store for a post hole digger and some fence posts to start redoing my garden. It looks like Mr. Bowie is leaving the heavy work to the hired help. Once they are done will you be putting in some catnip?

    • It seems Mr. Bowie’s two catnip plants didn’t survive the winter… It’s dark right now but he’s still checking out the garden!

  2. I can’t wait to start gardening again myself! The snow is starting to melt and I am seeing my boxwoods and layout of the garden again. I will need Mr Bowie’s services soon!

    • Nu ik toch tijd zat heb kunnen we misschien voor de vrienden een extra tuinfeest geven. Misschien met die beroemde reizende frietkraam van Retie met het geheime stoofvlees-recept…!! Staat vandaag in de krant, moet super lekker zijn, en naar ‘t schijnt zelfs een beetje vegetarisch! 🙂

  3. I too was wondering how Mr. Bowie’s catnip plants survived the winter……there’s always more to be found if you need to “replenish” the supply!

    Pam (and Sam)

    • We will soon be (very) busy with the new catnip plantation for Mr. Bowie. Last year we had two catnip plants that made it through the winter.

  4. It’s lots of work but worth it later. But about Mr. Bowie not lending a paw, I mean, after all, a smart cat knows when to take a long nap! We’ll be looking for some good pictures of your beautiful garden later.

    • Oh my goodness… still snow… I feel for you, Ellie!
      I have to buy new catnip plants. I think the two remaining plants didn’t survive the winter this time…

  5. Did Mr. Bowie supervise the proceedings from a window? Here we need to wait out the last of the snow, also the possibility of being mired in the ankle deep mud. Looks wonderful out there!

    • I’m glad we got rid of the snow last month… I can’t wait having coffee and breakfast outside but I probably have to wait some time.
      Guess Mr. Bowie was supervising us in his dreams, Debi!

  6. Herman, it feels like spring here (for now anyway) and it has made me think of gardens and flowers. It has also made Gibbs a bit of a crazy cat, constantly voicing his approval. I can’t help but think that Bowie has told you a few times that he approves of spring and gardens. Right?

    • Yes. Mr. Bowie prefers to take his naps outside, in the warm summer sun. But I guess he has to be a little patient…

  7. Ah yes and our Autumn cleanup will start soon..still a few hot days ahead so itching to get the garden settled before winter kills what summer didn’t hahahaha 🙂

  8. I am also preparing. A rope trellis for nelly kelly passion fruit in form of a garden wall. I have lots of help too. 😀

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  11. Mee-yow there iss a garden there…wee iss still under thee snow…sum has melted butt there iss still 2 feet of it on thee ground an snow piless 6 feet tall inn sum palcess….wee may nevurr see thee garden mew mew mew…
    Did you give the werkerss a helpin ‘paw’ Mistur Bowie? 😉
    Sinseelree, Siddhartha Henry =^,.^=

  12. What a nice garden … I’m always a bit envious of people with a nice garden. I’m not good at gardening. Things die when I plant them. Then I feel guilty for having killed a poor innocent plant. So, I just enjoy photos of other people’s gardens. 🙂

    • Thank you, John. Glad you liked this post and my garden. I’m hiring pro’s just to keep my garden alive… I like to relax in the garden and I leave the work to others… 🙂

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