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Bedroom secrets. They say it only takes a few minutes to change bedding, and the reward is the feel and smell of fresh linens on your bed. It’s a different story if you have a cat. And I don’t like the feel and smell of fresh linens on my bed. It keeps me awake. This is true. Fortunately, Mr. Bowie isn’t very sensitive to this aspect, and I welcome that.

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  1. Sam loves the soft fleece-like blanket we have on our bed too and when he knows I’m changing sheets, he’s right there to “claim” the blanket…..usually means a few hours delay in putting fresh sheets on!


  2. MaChatte insists on getting under one of the sheets during the process. And stays under there for a while then. And that’s odd for a cat who doesn’t want covered up in any other way. How can you not like that fresh smell? The bestest smell is in the warm months when the sheets can be dried on the line outside. Have a good nap, Mr. Bowie.

    • Mr. Bowie always tries to get under the sheets too! I have to keep an eye on that little furry one…
      Well, about the fresh smell, I’m not sure but maybe it’s something that happened in my childhood? 🙂

    • Ha ha ha… Ik durfde niet vermelden dat ik minstens 2 nachten slaapmedicatie neem als ik onder vers gewassen lakens lig. 🙂
      Op dit moment ergernis bij Bowie en mezelf: de jaarlijkse carnavalstoet komt hier met de nodige overdreven dB’s voorbij gedaverd… 😦
      Om over al die confetti en achtergelaten snoep op de oprit te zwijgen…

  3. I didn’t know cats likes to get under the sheets during the bed making process, how cute! My dog likes to get in once the bed is made but never helps to make the bed 🙂

  4. Our cats love to help change the sheets on the bed. They scurry around on top of the sheets, under the sheets, get trapped by the fitted sheet. Although, while they love it, it adds a lot of time to what should be a short and easy job!

  5. Nothing is more entertaining to me than the cat hump burrowing around under the sheet. And I love fresh sheets! But then I’m a massage therapist and wash 20 sets a week — I have a Masters in Sheetology… I read sheet catalogs for fun! No wonder my cats love me!

  6. My cats like the newly washed bedding, as opposed to the old which may have their smells upon it, but I hope not! I hope I do not leave it that long! Most popular in the winter is to sleep upon a blanket taken out of the clothes dryer, which is still warm! That is heaven!

  7. Count your blessings Herman. It is very hard to change the linen when different cat has staked out each corner for their siesta. I could do it in the middle of the night when they are playing mouse hockey but I foolishly insist on showing I am the boss. (We all know who that really is. Meow!).

    • Guess I’m lucky with only one cat in the house. But never underestimate Mr. Bowie if you want to change the linen…

  8. This is so funny. Simon is like that–no where in sight and then as you are trying to either take the linens off or put them back on–PLOP! Nothing is happening unless he moves and he doesn’t move unless he wants to. He is like that when I try to do anything – especially sewing. He has to be the center of attention but that’s a cat for you 😉 — spring is on its way! Yay! Take care!

  9. Sleepy heads aren’t they? I’ve completely given up on the cat hair situation in bed. I launder the bedding only once a week. Even though, the very next day it seems I’m sleeping with a cat hair tickling my nose or in my eyelashes. What a game they make of sheet changing day, running under as I unfurl them on the bed….ugh!

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